CADi Fitness clothing: What to know about OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby’s new line

Danielle Busby during an OutDaughtered confessional.
Danielle Busby and her sisters launched CADi Fitness. Pic credit: TLC
    Danielle Busby during an OutDaughtered confessional.Danielle Busby and her sisters launched CADi Fitness. Pic credit: TLC

Danielle Busby and her sisters Crystal and Ashley have always been close. They grew up with a single mom raising them and they credit her for teaching them the value of hard work. Busby and her husband, Adam Busby are the stars of TLC’s OutDaughtered and both Crystal and Ashley have appeared in several episodes of the reality show.

Earlier this year, the three sisters launched CADi Fitness. It is a clothing line that focuses on fitness apparel and has items the women designed themselves. The name CADi came from the birth order of the sisters. Crystal was born first, then Ashley, and finally, Danielle. The “i” came from the names they use as aunts, Kiki, Lili, and Didi. It is something that helps brand them and relates to who they have always been.

The clothing can be purchased on the CADi Fitness website. Items range from leggings to workout tanks. There are even options to purchase a water bottle or hair ties with the company’s name on them. Prices vary for the available items, but they all are similar to what would be paid in other stores geared toward fitness and working out.

Several of the items have been sold out since the CADi Fitness business launched. Danielle Busby and her sisters have put their heart and soul into this project and are working to make the entire business their own. From photos of them wearing the products to posting fitness videos on the website, they are all in.

With everything going on in her life, Danielle Busby has managed to fit everything she loves into one business venture. Everything is still new as the initial launch was earlier this year, but CADi Fitness appears to be getting recognized and their clothing is selling!

OutDaughtered airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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