Britney Spears’ father wants her to sit for a deposition over Instagram posts

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Britney Spears’ father and conservator of 13 years, Jamie Spears, wants her deposed because of her Instagram posts. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears is enjoying post-marital bliss after a star-studded wedding to her husband, Sam Asghari. But Britney’s dad, former conservator Jamie Spears, who was not invited to the wedding, allegedly wants her to sit down for a deposition. 

A lawyer for Jamie Spears filed documents with the court this week and requested that Britney sit down to speak about the content of her posts. 

Since Britney gained her freedom at the end of 2021, she has used social media as an outlet and spoken about her restrictive life under a 13-year-long conservatorship.

However, Britney’s father is allegedly unhappy with the contents of his daughter’s posts. His lawyers suggest that she and her lawyers have been dodging requests for depositions. Contrarily, her lawyers make the same allegations towards Jamie.  

Britney Spears’ father Jamie Spears has lawyer file court documents for her deposition

Britney Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, had control of the pop star’s life for 13 years, and now that she is speaking freely, it seems he does not like what she is saying.

Page Six obtained court documents filed by Jamie on his behalf. The court documents allege that Britney “continues to make public social media posts containing incendiary allegations of various factual matters.” 

The social media posts that the documents referred to could be the Instagram posts Britney shares, where she reveals her struggles in a restrictive conservatorship for more than a decade.

Jamie’s lawyer, Alex Weingarten, filed papers that requested Britney sit down for a deposition to explain social media post contents. The attorney continued that Britney’s counsel “refused to provide dates for Britney’s deposition and repeatedly stated Britney will not sit for a deposition absent a court order (and perhaps not even then),” and they want the court to step in and set a date for Britney’s deposition.

Britney Spears’ lawyer fights back for the pop star

Britney Spears’ lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, responded to the claims of Jamie Spears’ lawyer, and according to her attorney, Jamie impugned his own character.

Britney’s lawyer began, “Mr. Spears, who was ignominiously suspended by the Court in September, continues to disgrace himself, especially through this most-recent foolish and ill-advised filing, which is riddled with errors and falsehoods, as he himself knows.”

Not finished with his clap-back, Rosengart alleged bullying and intimidation on the part of Jamie. Rosengart said, “In addition to trying to bully his own daughter, he is now pathetically reduced to trying to intimidate her, while abusing the legal process and running and hiding from his own deposition. Anyone else would be ashamed by these tactics, but he and his representatives are truly shameless. In terms of ‘impugning his character,’ Mr. Spears did that to himself long ago.”

The latest legal drama between Jamie and Britney Spears is ongoing, with no deposition date set.

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