Brian Dennehy dies at 81: Tributes pour in for Rambo actor

Brian Dennehy dies at 81: Tributes pour in for Rambo actor
Brian Dennehy died at the age of 81. Pic credit: Orion Pictures

In another sad passing, TMZ just broke the news that veteran actor Brian Dennehy died.

Dennehy was 81, according to the site, and had an acting career that stretched over five decades.

Brian Dennehy cause of death

According to law enforcement officials in Connecticut, Dennehy’s death was not connected to the current coronavirus pandemic devastating the nation.

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Instead, Dennehy died of natural causes, due to sepsis. There is also no autopsy scheduled for the actor.

Brian Dennehy was a Hollywood legend

Dennehy started out his career working on television shows, with appearances on everything from Dallas and M*A*S*H to Lou Grant and Kojak. He ended up with a recurring role on the nighttime soap Dynasty.

However, most fans know him from his breakout movie role.

Dennehy was the mean and vengeful sheriff, Will Teasle, in the first Rambo movie, First Blood (1982).

In that movie, Sylvester Stallone starred as Vietnam vet John Rambo, who returned home to find a country that no longer cared about him.

While passing through a small country town, he ran afoul of a local sheriff who escorted him out of town. When Rambo returns to the town, the sheriff arrested him for vagrancy.

While in jail, Rambo is abused, has PTSD flashbacks of his time in Vietnam, and fights his way out. After this, Teasle leads a manhunt to bring Rambo to justice, only to get more than he bargained for.

After First Blood, Dennehy started to get more roles in movies, including action movies like Legal Eagles and Presumed Innocent.

His next big well-known appearance came in the 1995 comedy Tommy Boy, starring David Space and Chris Farley.

He also had a voice role in the 2007 Pixar movie Ratatouille as the father of Remy, the young rat who wanted to be a chef.

Tributes pour in for Dennehy

Celebrities and fellow actors hit social media to remember Brian Dennehy after the announcement of his passing.

Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, posted condolences, calling Dennehy a “wonderfully talented actor.”

Producer John Cohen reminded people that Dennehy — on top of his Hollywood career — was also a brilliant stage actor.

Comic book creator Rob Liefeld (the man who created Deadpool) reacted with shock and sadness, calling him a “tremendous talent.”

Sports radio host Adam Clanton pointed out that this is the second major death today, following the loss of WWE iconic announcer Howard Finkel. As he said: “2020 can (continue) to go directly to hell.”

Dennehy won two Tony Awards, six Emmy Awards, and a Golden Globe.

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