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Armon Warren dead? Death rumor sweeps internet, Ar’mon and Trey star apologizes for ‘prank’

Armon warren death rumor
Armon Warren posted a tweet about being in a car accident. Pic credit: Armon Warren/Instagram

This story has been updated from the original with the latest information.

An internet rumor circulating about Armon Warren claimed that the social media star is dead — but he is alive and well.

The star, one half of the R&B duo Ar’mon and Trey, tweeted yesterday that he was involved in a car accident after falling asleep behind the wheel.

Fans then claimed that Armon’s sister had confirmed his death, with others connected to Armon also leaving their condolences on social media.

People began posting “RIP” tributes in his honor, but when some of the tribute messages were deleted people began to suspect the claims were a prank.

The social media star’s sister later reportedly claimed that her brother was not dead, and people started noticing many of the condolences were to “Armoney” rather than Armon Warren.

Also pointing at Armon still being alive was the fact that Trey was posting updates on his Instagram last night with no mention of Armon’s death. 

Armon Warren hadn’t posted on his Instagram account for two days and his last tweet was about his car accident, so fans were still fearful that it might be true.

Thankfully, Armon took to Instagram this morning to confirm that his “death” was indeed a prank, and came about after a bet while playing Fortnite.

He said: Hey you guys, I’m perfectly fine, first off I wanna apologize to my mom and my sisters and brothers because this caused so much chaos in my home, my mom almost gave out seeing my name in something like this…

“Second the reason josh posted R.I.P Armon is because we was playing fortnite last night and I made a bet saying if he out live me I’ll give him 10 thousand dollars he responded if I don’t he have to tell my mom and my supporters I was dead for 4 hours and I couldn’t say anything…

“We said we wasn’t going to do it but I did, you guys I didn’t think nothing of it I didn’t think it’ll go this far, I’m upset at myself for allowing this to happen over a game, it is childish senseless and disrespectful to the people that love me…

“To my supports ARMON loves you dearly, and tbh I’m ready for all the ‘he’s too childish’ ‘I only like trey s***’ so go head but to the people who understand I love you ❤️ this is a lesson learned I’ll be off this media s**t for a min.”

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