Anna Delvey to promote post-prison art at Art Basel party

Anna Delvey poses for a closeup selfie
Anna Delvey will virtually host a party to promote the art she created while on house arrest. Pic credit: @theannadelvey/Instagram

Anna Delvey is coming back to the spotlight after she announced her intentions to virtually host an Art Basel party. It will take place in a private residence on December 3, 2022, and Delvey will promote the art she created while under house arrest after her imprisonment.

Delvey teamed up with The Locker Room to make the promotional event a reality. Art collectors will gather at a residence in Miami, Florida, to exclusively view her art.

Meanwhile, Delvey will be hosting the event virtually from her home in East Village where she has been on house arrest since October. She will partake in a live Q&A via Zoom for the event.

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Additionally, art collectors will have the opportunity to view and purchase Delvey’s artwork. Since her release from prison, she has been supporting herself by selling her art.

According to an insider, one piece that Delvey will feature at her show, called Prowling in Prada, has been presold for $15,000. The pieces she will promote at the party are part of her new work with acrylics and canvases.

There is reportedly quite a bit of hype surrounding Delvey’s new artwork which she was able to make upon being released from prison and having access to necessary materials.

The Locker Room on partnering with Anna Delvey

The Locker Room took to social media with a statement explaining their partnership with Delvey. The organization illustrated interest in Delvey and the tale of how she went from a young immigrant to an icon representing crime and deceit.

However, instead of focusing on her history and imprisonment, they found merit in the many roles she has taken on over the years. They pointed out that, throughout her roles as an art student, entrepreneur, and organizer, art was always her reasoning and underlying purpose.

The company also described her as a “disruptor and visionary” and was intrigued by her creativity and dedication to art.

The Locker Room Tweets about their partnership with Anna Delvey
Pic credit: @lockerroomnyc/Twitter

The company also described its partnership with Delvey as “burgeoning,” meaning they may have plans to continue the partnership in the future.

In addition to her partnership with The Locker Room, Delvey is also represented by art dealer, Chris Martine. Martine has reiterated that there is high demand for Delvey’s artwork.

There is reportedly a waiting list to buy her artwork with the pieces ranging in price from $250 to $15,000.

Delvey’s post-imprisonment life

While Delvey’s artwork is causing a stir, she previously gained prominence for being a very different kind of “artist.” She was arrested in 2017 and charged with fraud after being accused of being a con artist.

Delvey is a Russian-born German who posed as a wealthy German heiress in New York beginning in 2013. She reportedly defrauded banks and the wealthy elite of New York by several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

She was found guilty and sentenced to 4-12 years of prison, though she ended up only serving four years. Upon release, she was taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for overstaying her visa, but she fought to remain in the U.S.

By October of this year, she was released from custody on the condition of house arrest. Delvey’s story gained particular fame last year when Netflix released a miniseries documenting her tale called Inventing Anna.

Delvey reportedly received $320,000 from Netflix for her story, but that full sum ended up going toward her legal fees and restitution. This is why she chose to turn to art to support herself and to get her New York apartment which required a $10,000 deposit.

Her post-imprisonment life has largely consisted of making/selling her artwork, making grocery lists, planning for the future, hosting visitors (including friends, lawyers, managers, a publicist, and her art dealer), and taking Ubers to her parole meetings.

It is unclear how long she will remain on house arrest, but she has indicated it is only until ICE reaches a decision regarding her visa and documentation.

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