Alex Housden: Who is TV host who compared black co-host Jason Hackett to a gorilla?

Alex Housden on KOCO-TV
Alex Housden offers a tearful apology on KOCO-TV. Pic credit: KOCO-TV via Chris Lane/YouTube

Alex Housden, a morning anchor for Oklahoma City’s ABC affiliate KOCO-TV, was forced to offer a tearful apology. She compared her African American co-anchor Jason Hackett to a gorilla during a live broadcast.

The incident occurred at the end of the morning show on Thursday. The first segment included a story about a gorilla at the Oklahoma City Zoo. The lighthearted report featured a video that showed the gorilla named Fin interacting with a camera.

Both anchors were joking about the gorilla’s adorable antics when, at the end of the report, Housden said the gorilla resembled her co-anchor.

“He kinda looks like you,” she said.

Hackett might have been taken aback at first, but after a pause, he said, “He kinda does, actually, yeah,” as per Kansas City Star.

The cringe-worthy moment sparked a major uproar on social media. Hundreds of angry Facebook and Twitter users shared clips of the moment. Many also posted angry comments to Housden’s official KOCO-TV Facebook page, while others called for the network to fire the TV host.

Housden apologizes

Housden appeared the next on the station’s morning show with Hackett to address the incident. She offered a tearful apology, saying that Hackett was one of her best friends. She said she hadn’t intended to hurt him or anyone else with her words.

After accepting her apology, Hackett said that he and Housden were friends. However, Hackett also said that he was hurt when she said he resembled the gorilla. He added that the incident provided a teaching opportunity and that people need to consider their words carefully.

Viewers reacted

Many viewers ended up divided concerning Housden’s apology. Some accepted her apology as genuine and sincere, saying she hadn’t meant any harm. Others claimed her apology was insincere and that she knew what she was doing when comparing her black colleague to a gorilla.

Who is Alex Housden?

Alex Housden is a Texas native. According to her bio page on KOCO-TV’s website, she attended the University of North Texas. She earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism with a minor in political science.

Alex Housden worked as an evening anchor at ABC affiliated KTEN-TV in Sherman, Texas. She covered southern Oklahoma while she worked as an evening anchor at KTEN. She joined KOCO-TV in June 2017 and works as a weekend morning anchor.

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