Ahlamalik Williams: Who is Madonna’s 25-year-old boyfriend?

Ahlamalik Williams poses for a selfie
Ahlamalik Williams has allegedly been dating Madonna for over a year. He is 36 years younger than the pop star. Pic credit: @Maniacmoves/ Facebook

Rumors have been circling for months to suggest Madonna has got a new boyfriend, and it’s allegedly getting serious between the two. Her new man was thought to be Ahlamalik Williams, one of her backup dancers.

His father, Drue, appears to have now confirmed the news. Speaking to TMZ, he claims his 25-year-old son has been dating the Queen of Pop for over a year now. He also said that Madge has met the parents and that they get on well together. Drue also suggested that the couple are in love.

So who is Ahlamalik Williams?

Ahlamalik Williams was born in April 1994, which puts him at 36 years the junior of Madonna. He was born and raised in California and went to school near Sacramento. He sometimes uses the alias “SkitzO.” His father, Drue Williams, is a retired US Navy veteran, and he also describes himself as the number one fan of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders.

Williams’s mother, Laurie, studied criminal law at Sacramento, but now lives in Las Vegas where she works as a legal assistant. He has a brother, Ahlijah, and a sister, LeYana.

Madonna’s alleged boyfriend has his own YouTube channel where he posts videos of himself dancing, and he has also offered $5 hip-hop dancing lessons.

He has 84.9K followers and counting on Instagram, where he frequently posts more videos and pictures of himself dancing. For Madonna’s birthday in 2017, he posted a photo of the two of them dancing on the Rebel Heart Tour with a message of “happy birthday.”

Williams has openly supported and promoted Madonna’s pro-gun control song God Control. He also expressed a message of thank you to Barack Obama when he left the White House.

The pair supposedly first met way back in 2015 when Williams auditioned for a role in Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour. She supposedly picked him from a group of dancers herself.

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