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Adele’s Las Vegas residency may not happen after all: ‘Preparations for the production have stopped’ 

Adele on the red carpet
Adele may not be getting a Las Vegas residency after all. Pic credit: ©

The chances of Adele’s Las Vegas residency occurring appear to be dwindling by the minute.

There are serious doubts that Weekends With Adele will happen, although only postponement announcements have been made officially.

Adele has had an intense few months marked by a couple of major life changes, and now, after the postponement of her residency and the subsequent meltdown seen around the world, it’s starting to sound like she might be moving on to other projects now.

Adele’s Las Vegas Residency

Adele’s Las Vegas residency comes on the heels of her fourth album release, 30. Adele’s new album received critical and commercial success upon its release in November 2021. Her residency, Weekends With Adele, was a chance for Adele fans to celebrate the new music together in a series of concerts. Fans were thrilled to learn that Adele planned a Las Vegas residency called Weekend With Adele.

Weekends With Adele was scheduled for Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas from January 2022 to April 2022. 

Source: @Adele/Instagram

Why was Weekends With Adele Postponed?

The Easy on Me singer postponed her Las Vegas residency– less than 24 hours before it was due to begin. Rumors have swirled about the causes for the Las Vegas residency postponement. 

Rumors swirled behind the scenes regarding the reasons why Weekends With Adele would not happen. One rumor implied that Adele has explosive arguments with Esmeralda Devlin, the set designer. The point of contention was a large swimming pool that was located in the middle of the stage.

Apparently, Adele was very vocal about her displeasure with the set design and tensions between Devlin and Adele rose. Esmeralda Devlin and Adele worked together on the singer’s 2016 world tour. 

Another rumor claimed that Adele received warnings that she was risking permanent damage to her vocal cords if she continued with the residency. Adele categorically denies these rumors, offering a different explanation as to why her Las Vegas show postponement is necessary.

A teary-eyed Adele took to Instagram to personally inform fans that her show was not ready. Adele says she postponed her residency because coronavirus complications made it impossible for the show to continue.

Source: @Adele/Instagram

Pictures from the concert venue show the set in a disassembled state, and there has been little activity since. Sources say that although the status of Weekends With Adele is a postponement, cancellation is likely. As for Adele, she is currently holed up with her boyfriend agent Rich Paul.

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