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905Shooter leaves NELK Boys with no explanation why

905Shooter Jason Pagaduan
Jason Pagaduan, aka 905Shooter, leaves NELK Boys. Pic credit: 905Shooter/Twitter

YouTube pranksters NELK Boys announced yesterday on Instagram that they have parted ways with Jason Pagaduan, aka 905Shooter.

“Hey guys, Just wanted to give you a little update,” the Instagram message read. “After some events that occurred recently, we decided it is in our best interest to part ways with Jason (905 Shooter).”

The also added a caption to the message informing their more than 2.2 million Instagram fans that “NELK Season 3 coming very soon!” The upcoming season follows Season 2, which documented the NELK Boys’ trip to Europe.

The NELK Boys did not explain in their Instagram message why they were letting 905Shooter (Jason Pagaduan) go. They also did not explain the “events that occurred recently,” which led to the decision to part ways with 905Shooter.

However, they took care to turn off the comments on the Instagram post, which had received more than 480,000 likes, as of writing.

Fans react on Twitter

People have been reacting to the news on Twitter. Most fans expressed shock, dismay, and sadness about the unexpected development. But a few fans thought at first that it was another of their pranks.

Some fans claimed they had noticed the signs of an imminent parting in recent videos, while others said they noticed that 905Shooter did not appear in the final half of their last video.

As of writing, 905Shooter (Jason Pagaduan) has not commented on the matter.

Why is 905Shooter leaving NELK Boys?

Many fans took to Twitter to ask why NELK Boys were letting 905Shooter go.

The silence by the NELK Boys about why Jason Pagaduan was leaving gave rise to some bizarre rumors and speculation centered on allegations of a sexual scandal. But some fans suggested that the parting of ways was likely due to creative differences between them. Others thought it might be due to Jason’s diminishing role as a videographer after NELK adopted new and better filming technology.

Some fans asked YouTuber KEEMSTAR (who runs the YouTube channel DramaAlert) to investigate the reason why NELK Boys were letting 905Shooter go.

The incident comes soon after a fan of the NELK Boys was hospitalized after hurting himself while bingeing on alcohol during a partying trip to Ibiza with the YouTubers. NELK Boys had earlier announced that they were flying a few fans to Ibiza as a treat.

Who are the NELK Boys?

The NELK Boys are Canadian YouTube pranksters. Their popular YouTube channel NELK, which has more than 3.6 million subscribers, was initially started by Kyle Forgeard. He started the channel in 2010, doing skits with the twins Niko and Marko Martinovic.

Jesse Sebastiani joined the channel after they met on MTV Canada in 2014, and the duo soon began doing pranks. Another founding member of the group was Lucas Gasparini. Jason Pagaduan, aka 905Shooter, joined NELK as a videographer.

They quickly gained notoriety for their reckless pranks, such in 2015, when they tricked LAPD officers into believing they had cocaine in the back of their SUV. But it turned out they were only carrying Coca-Cola. The video (see below) received more than 31 million views.

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