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5 things to know about Oscar-winner Marisa Tomei

Marisa Tomei at the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Five things to know about Marisa Tomei. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Marisa Tomei is well-known for her Oscar-winning role in My Cousin Vinny, as well as her TV performances in A Different World and As the World Turns.

Recently, she made a comeback as Aunt May in the new Spider-Man films.

Despite her being around for so long, there are still some things you may not know about the star. Keep reading for five things to know about Marisa Tomei.

Marisa Tomei and Lisa Bonet have a close relationship

Marisa co-starred alongside Lisa Bonet in A Different World. She played Maggie, while Lisa played Denise, her roommate.

The two became friends off-screen and were actually roommates in real life while filming in Georgia.

Their friendship was long-lasting, and Marisa became the godmother to all three of Lisa’s children, including actress Zoe Kravitz.

Marisa Tomei was a waitress before making it in Hollywood

Before she became an actress, Tomei was enrolled at Boston University. She studied there for one year before dropping out to pursue her acting career.

During her time at Boston University, Tomei took a summer job as a waitress at Tony Roma’s, a US steakhouse chain.

That summer, she also started auditioning for movie roles. Her first credited movie role was as a waitress in The Flamingo Kid.

Marisa Tomei is a belly dancer

Tomei has long practiced belly dancing, yoga, and tai chi.

In a 2010 interview with Shape, Tomei said that belly dancing “not only keeps you in incredible shape, it’s good for women’s reproductive organs and hormones too.”

Tomei told Shape that, at the time, she was taught once a week by Nita Rubio.

Marisa Tomei has the eye of Ra tattooed on her right foot

Tomei has the eye of Ra, an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph tattooed on her right foot.

The symbol is supposed to protect and bring good luck to the person bearing it.

Tomei has at least one other tattoo.

Speaking to InStyle in 2017, Tomei revealed that she has a “bad tattoo” – but she doesn’t mind it so much as she got it with best friend Lisa Bonet and cherishes the funny memory.

Lady Gaga wants Marisa Tomei to play her in a biopic

In a 2011 interview with Rolling Stone, Lady Gaga was asked who she’d like to play her in a film.

She answered that she would have Marisa Tomei play her.

When Tomei heard this, she responded: “I love her. I love her music. And she’s an awesome businesswoman. So I was so touched, really. I think it’s incredible that she likes my work and that she’d think of me.”

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