Exclusive interview: 26 random questions to get to know actor Jesse Kove just a little bit better

Jesse Kove answers 26 party questions
Jesse Kove will appear in Kevin Smith’s comedy film Max Reload and the Nether Blasters. Pic credit: @jessekove/Instagram

D-Day and On Wings of Eagles star Jesse Kove has made a strong mark in Hollywood with standout performances that have heads turning. He is now set to return to the screen in Kevin Smith’s “Max Reload and the Nether Blasters.”

Per IMDB, this comedy film portrays a storyline where “A small town video game store clerk must go from zero to hero after accidentally unleashing the forces of evil from a cursed Colecovision game.”

And, as we know so well, anything Kevin Smith touches is automatically mandatory viewing. In this film, Kove plays Steve, an energetic, athletic, bodybuilding teddy bear of a character who runs a delivery truck company and has a taste for the heroic things in life.

Jesse Kove tackles our party questions

Due to COVID-19, the release date for Max Reload and the Nether Blasters has been pushed back, but that didn’t stop us from having a little fun in the meantime. Here are 26 party questions to get to know Jesse Kove just a little bit better!

Ryan Mekkes – M&C: Other than today, what century do you feel you would have thrived in the most? 

Jesse Kove: The 1880’s in the West. I love horseback riding, and I love the country. I also shoot guns, so it would have been a perfect fit. 

M&C: In what role?

Jesse Kove: I’d like to think an outlaw, but not a bad guy, more like Robin Hood. 

M&C: Do you like Taco Bell? 

Jesse Kove: I do. Their vegetarian Crunch Wrap is my go-to if I do.

M&C: What could be the theme song for your life?

Jesse Kove: Haha… from the soundtrack Tron Legacy, a song called Fall.

M&C: Favorite pump-up song before a workout?

Jesse Kove: Usually a drivy movie soundtrack! The Dark Knight or Avengers. 

M&C: What is that one thing you’re good at that no one gives you enough credit for?

Jesse Kove: Haha — I’m very fortunate that I have a tremendous amount of support around me, so there’s always enough credit. It’s really about what’s the next mountain to conquer. 

M&C: How many times do you look in the mirror at yourself a day? (I probably stand at 35 a day currently.)

Jesse Kove: Haha — not nearly enough! 

M&C: How good of a cook are you? 

Jesse Kove: Pretty damn good (I think). I love cooking. 

M&C: What is your favorite thing to cook? 

Jesse Kove: Funny enough, I love cooking breakfast, like gourmet breakfasts. And if you’re doing it with someone, you have to throw flour at each other.  

M&C: I know you like horses, but have you ever thought about what would happen if one stepped on your foot?

Jesse Kove: They have! I survived; it wasn’t too bad, and it was an accident. Wasn’t the horse’s fault. 

M&C: If you weren’t an actor, what would you do in another life?

Jesse Kove: I love helping animals — probably a veterinarian.  

M&C: What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? 

Jesse Kove: Haagen-Dazs coffee flavor. Also, Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.

M&C: How do you feel about skinny jeans? 

Jesse Kove: Mmm, I don’t wear them. I’m a boot cut guy.

M&C: If you had to fight a Lion, a Tiger, or a Bear, which would you choose and why? 

Jesse Kove: Since I’m an animal lover, I’d probably make friends with all of them. Rub the bear’s belly, scratch the tiger’s chin and comb the lion’s mane. Call it a day. 

M&C: Has your dad (Karate Kid/Cobra Kai star Martin Kove) ever told you, “No Mercy” before a game when you were a kid in pee-wee soccer? 

Jesse Kove: No, but close. It was, “That’s it Jessboy! You show them!” But everyone always wanted him to yell it out. So he would here and there. 

M&C: What is one thing YOU JUST KNOW you’d be good at but have never tried? 

Jesse Kove: Ranching.

M&C: Who were you in high school, described in three words?

Jesse Kove: LIFE OF PARTY. 

M&C: What’s the superpower you wish you had?

Jesse Kove: Talk to animals.

M&C: How many times in your life have you tried to use the force to move a TV remote? (I try once per year.) 

Jesse Kove: I’m not kidding I definitely try this a few times a year! Especially turning red street lights green. 

M&C: When you think of the ideal pet, what would that be? 

Jesse Kove: A horse for sure! 

M&C: Would you rather go to a red carpet or watch Netflix at home? 

Jesse Kove: Go to the red carpet because celebrating a film or TV series is always fun and well-deserved, and then watch Netflix. Although my favorite show is on the HISTORY channel, The Curse of Oak Island. 

More insights from Jesse Kove

M&C: Explain to (us) introverts how the he** you survive a red carpet? 

Jesse Kove: It’s all communication — just be yourself. Talk to everyone. Have fun!  Let the photographers do their thing. I’m actually friends with some of them. When you see these men or women enough, it’s always great to chat with them. If you see my press stuff on Instagram you’ll see what I mean about being yourself and just having fun.

One of my favorite moments was making Morgan Freeman laugh on a red carpet recently. I said, “Thank you so much!” He said, “For what?” And I told him, “For just being you!” Haha, he bellowed a huge laugh and said, “That’s a good one — I like that!” It was great. 

M&C: What’s something about your new movie, Max Reload and the Nether Blasters, that you are really excited about? 

Jesse Kove: You have never seen me in a role like this, the goofy Jesse, which I love to do — REALLY comes out in this movie. 

M&C: What caused you to take on the role? 

Jesse Kove: I knew the writers and directors, Scott Conditt and Jeremy Tremp. We had worked together before, and they basically wrote this part with me in mind, but completely different than what I normally play.

They called me, sent me the script, and explained what they had envisioned, and I completely understood and wanted to go for it. Comedy is one of my favorite genres, and I jump at the bit when I get a chance to do it! It’s pure fun! 

M&C: How competitive are you in board games? (A) Not really — just do them for fun!, (B) semi-competitive — I stay focused the whole time, (C) I have severely damaged friendships over them, or (D) I hate board games.

Jesse Kove: Pretty damn close to C. I am a very competitive person. I like winning. Haha! 

M&C: How many questions did you answer in this interview before getting frustrated at how many questions are in this interview? (Frustrated, in this instance, is defined as, “cool I’m doing an interview but *^$&R^&%&^!!”) 

Jesse Kove: Haha, I can always do more, brother. Thank you! 

For updates about the release date of Max Reload and the Nether Blasters, follow MVD entertainment on Twitter at @mvdentgroup. Follow Jesse Kove on Twitter @JesseKove and on Instagram @jessekove.

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