Who got evicted on Big Brother tonight? Season 21, Episode 20

The houseguest who got evicted on Big Brother tonight was just revealed. The most important moment from Season 21, Episode 20 came down to a vote between the two Jack’s. To get to this point, Jessica Milagros had to do a lot of work. She won the Head of Household Competition and got to nominate


MasterChef recap: Who went home on Season 10, Episode 17?

The Episode 17 MasterChef recap covers another challenge involving the top 10 home cooks. It involved an Elimination Challenge where six people were cooking for their time on the show. During the last episode, the cooks were split into two teams at Irwindale Speedway. It was an exciting battle, at times in the rain, with


What time is Big Brother on tonight? NFL interrupting episodes on CBS

The NFL has arrived on CBS. As a result, Big Brother episodes may become a casualty. Some markets will see the Thursday night episode of the show postponed in order to make room for some preseason football. Despite Season 21, episode 20 being a huge one for the BB21 cast, the NFL brings CBS a


Big Brother 21 spoilers: Who gets evicted tonight, joins BB21 jury?

Big Brother 21 spoilers now predict who gets evicted tonight. The BB21 jury will start being formed and the summer 2019 season will be down to its top 10 houseguests. Jessica Milagros is about to complete a very successful week as the Head of Household. As seen during Episode 19, she even won the Power


Who is voted off Big Brother tonight? A Jack gets evicted from BB21 cast

One of the Jack’s gets voted off Big Brother tonight. The houseguest who gets evicted on Big Brother 21 tonight will have been a former member of the Six Shooters alliance. Infighting has caused them to fall apart. Now the former alliance will lose its first member. During Episode 19, it was revealed that Jessica


Big Brother Season 21, Episode 19 recap: Kat and Holly know each other?

Big Brother Season 21, Episode 19 aired on Wednesday night. The August 7 episode of the show primarily dealt with the Veto Competition and whether or not Christie Murphy could use her secret power. During the last episode, Jessica Milagros won the Head of Household Competition. She then made a bold move and nominated Jack


MasterChef at Irwindale Speedway: Who did MasterChef judges like best?

The MasterChef recap for Episode 16 comes from Irwindale Speedway. The top 10 home cooks were tasked with a team challenge where they had to test the speed of their preparation. The goal was to impress the MasterChef judges and the 101 race car crew members there to taste the food. During the last episode


Big Brother spoilers: Jack has a plan to save himself

Big Brother spoilers indicate that Jack Matthews has a way to convince (con) people into saving him from eviction this week. He stated on the live feeds that he is going to put the plan into action following dinner on Wednesday night. Jessica Milagros won the Power of Veto this week. She was already the


Big Brother Season 21, Episode 19 preview: No spoilers edition

Big Brother Season 21, episode 19 airs on Wednesday evening. It’s an important episode for CBS viewers, but especially for those people who haven’t been reading up on the spoilers. During the last episode of the show, Jessica Milagros was shown winning the Head of Household Competition. It had finished after the Thursday night episode