Big Brother spoilers: Who was picked to play for the POV?

Holly Allen BB21 Photo
Holly Allen promotional photo for Big Brother 21 season. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother spoilers from early Saturday come from the live feeds and reveal who was picked to play for the POV today. It’s a big day in the house, especially after the new Head of Household revealed their nominees.

Late Thursday evening a new Endurance Challenge was played by the BB21 cast. Six houseguests competed to become the next HOH and it was Jackson Michie who won the HOH Competition.

On Friday, Jackson hosted the Nomination Ceremony for the week. He went with Christie Murphy and Jessica Milagros as his two nominees. It was an interesting move to make, but some fans were frustrated when Tommy Bracco wasn’t nominated.

The final seven Veto Competition takes place later on Saturday and it has been surmised that the Hide and Go Veto will be taking place. This is where houseguests take turns hiding a veto card and then destroying the house to find the card of other houseguests.

It’s situations like this one, as well as the pie wars, which make fans ask who cleans the Big Brother house?

Big Brother spoilers: Who was picked to play for the POV?

Jackson Michie, Christie Murphy, and Jessica Milagros will be joined by Cliff Hogg, Tommy Bracco, and Nicole Anthony in the Veto Competition. Holly Allen is going to serve as the host this time.

It is starting to seem like Cliff plays in every competition that takes place during the summer 2019 season. Though he doesn’t often do very well in them, he certainly ends up getting selected to play for the Power of Veto on a weekly basis.

With the players set for the Veto Competition, Jackson and Holly are going to discuss what they plan to do should he win the Power of Veto. Not having her participate lowers the odds of keeping the nominations the same, though.

Stay tuned Big Brother fans, because more BB21 cast spoilers should be revealed before the day comes to an end. Who will win the Golden Power of Veto? Christie and/or Jessica may need to do so to extend their stay in the game.

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening.

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