MAFS Season 12 couples Hall of Fame Awards

There’s no denying that Season 12 of Married at First Sight was one big roller coaster that has finally come to a full and complete stop. There was more drama than ever before and it was pretty clear from the beginning that not all of the couples would be staying together in the end. Now


MAFS Season 12: What took Haley and Jacob’s romance to a ‘Nomance’

Haley and Jacob’s relationship began as one of the more promising matchups of the season. The wedding went off without a hitch, the honeymoon began with sparks, and then, without warning, the couple’s high-speed romance came to a screeching halt, with no recovery in sight. So what were the roadblocks that derailed what many experts


MAFS Season 12: Ryan and Clara’s vow renewal, what we know so far

MAFS’ Season 12 sweethearts Ryan and Clara Oubre plan to tie the knot again. The couple announced they are planning a vow renewal ceremony this year, and here’s what we know so far. The couple announced the vow renewal would be held on New Year’s Eve in their hometown of Atlanta. The Where Are They


MAFS Season 12: Why Paige and Chris were doomed from the start

Every week, Married at First Sight viewers followed along with bated breath as the saga surrounding MAFS’s Season 12 couple, Chris Williams and Paige Banks, continued to unfold. Week after week, we watched the two hold and defend their title as the most dramatic couple on the show. The couple first caught our attention from


Married At First Sight Season 12: Why the dogs were such a big deal

We all knew and followed along with the ongoing saga between Erik and Virginia Lake in regards to her spunky little canine, Rockie. Rockie was as free-spirited as Virginia, bounding through the apartment, chewing on his toys, and generally driving her husband, Erik, crazy. But Erik was not the only partner on the show being


Married At First Sight’s Haley Harris is thriving in post-MAFS life

There is no question Haley Harris and Jacob Harder had one of the rockier marriages of all the Married at First Sight couples. In fact, the honeymoon for these two ended…well… on the honeymoon. But that hasn’t stopped Haley from enjoying life and now that Season 12 is over, she seems to be living her