Adult Jazz share new music video for Pumped From Above

Adult Jazz have also just released a video directed by Sam Travis for Pumped From Above – giving music lovers a chance to experience the record from a new perspective. The band’s most recent experimental album, Earrings Off! has been pushing the group into a new creative venture and has shown fans that they are even more ambitious


sir Was Says Hi: Review

sir Was is a newcomer to the eccentric world of music and he has been quickly making a name for himself through City Slang. Joel Wästberg is the brains behind the fresh sounds that come through with sir Was’s newest and first EP ever, titled Says Hi. Saying hi is exactly what Wästberg is doing.

Nothing’s Tired of Tomorrow: Review

The young Philadelphia members that make up the philosophical shoegaze outfit Nothing have just released a second album titled Tired of Tomorrow. It has some of the best and most powerful album artwork I have seen in quite a long time, and in celebration of the new release, Relapse Records is having a contest that invites

Kikagaku Moyo shares new single ‘Silver Owl’

Japanese culture is fascinating to almost every single person on this planet. The Japanese are unbelievably smart, heartwarming and innovators in just about anything they do. Kikagaku Moyo, Japan’s up and coming rock band is no different. Their newest single “Silver Owl” is a throwback journey to the 70’s combining elements of krautrock, classic Indian,

Yeasayer’s ‘Amen & Goodbye’: Review

The always euphoric Brooklyn-based art rock band Yeasayer have released their first record since 2012. With each new record they reach out to a new and broader audience. Yeasayer know how to make a statement with their art. They live it, breathe it, and play it. They are not just a musical experience but their presence

Explosions In The Sky’s The Wilderness: Review

Explosions In The Sky coming out with a new album was a huge surprise and a huge relief for many across the world. Explosions were part of my daily routine as a young 16-year-old kid. I would wake up every morning for class, and immediately turn on “Be Comfortable, Creature” and it would quickly make

Odonis Odonis announce new album Post Plague along with single ‘Needs’

Famed Toronto underground band Odonis Odonis have announced a new album titled, Post Plague that will be released through Felt Records on June 17th. Along with this exciting news the band has also given us a little gift in the form of a new single that will hopefully highlight what to expect for the new album. ‘Needs’ is

Yeasayer share new single Gerson’s Whistle

Whenever I talk to someone who hasn’t been lucky enough to see Yeasayer, I tell them: It’s the best dance party you will ever go to. You are 100 per cent guaranteed to have a good time, because they just make good, fun music. The band are preparing their newest album, ahead of its release on Friday (April 1) via

Wire announce new album and single

The incredible punks of Wire have been working hard the past year or so to give us music. Last year they came out with a new album and just now they have announced a mini album titled Nocturnal Koreans that they will be releasing on pinkflag. The new single is simply enough titled, “Nocturnal Koreans.”

TOKiMONSTA’s new album Fovere available for pre-order

It’s always great to see musicians releasing their music on their own labels, doing everything on their own, and giving a big middle finger up to the man. TOKiMONSTA is doing exactly that on March 4 for her newest album Fovere through her imprint called, Young Art Records. And it’s now available for pre-order on