Odonis Odonis announce new album Post Plague along with single ‘Needs’

You are going to like what you hear from this Toronto band…

Famed Toronto underground band Odonis Odonis have announced a new album titled, Post Plague that will be released through Felt Records on June 17th.

Along with this exciting news the band has also given us a little gift in the form of a new single that will hopefully highlight what to expect for the new album.

‘Needs’ is not holding back on the synths at all. It’s a mind-melting tune that is dark in all the best ways and brings out this twisted fire in you.

Odonis Odonis on “Needs”: ‘Needs’ is the song that caused our band to snap, let go of the past and progress as something new. The world is quickly becoming a cold place to live. Narcissism has reached an all time high.

This song confronts this new climate. How far are you willing to go at someone else’s expense? When communication is no longer face to face it gets easier to step on people on the way to the top.”

For all the industrial nerds out there this new album is going to bring you into musical heaven. It’s heavy, dark and blends doom with drum machines elegantly.

Everything about the album is precise and placed in a manner that is meant to bring about emotions throughout each twist and turn.

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