Explosions In The Sky’s The Wilderness: Review


Explosions In The Sky coming out with a new album was a huge surprise and a huge relief for many across the world.

Explosions were part of my daily routine as a young 16-year-old kid. I would wake up every morning for class, and immediately turn on “Be Comfortable, Creature” and it would quickly make my day start off on a great note.

Most people that you talk to about them will tell you something similar, or they will tell you that they think they’re just background music. Yet, they are so much more than that. There is thought, emotion and immense love that is poured into every single part of each song.

Over the course of six albums, the Austin-based band has made a name for themselves and carved out a special spot in the indie circuit. Each album bringing out a different and more developed part of themselves. With this being five years since their last release, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care their newest release The Wilderness has a nobility and wisdom about it that is more present than in anything else that they have put out.

Yes, the album is only a mere nine songs, but the band tends to make each tune on the longer side. Which is necessary with a band like Explosions In The Sky. In order to experience them and what their art is really about, their songs need to be a certain length of time. They have so much to say with their instrumentals, synthesizers and beats that it’s hard to even condense it into something as short as five minutes.

“Tangle Formations” begins slowly introducing the listener to the cacophony of sounds that are about to come about. Beating snare drums, and along with simple piano notes that coincide with one another to bring up a euphoric and hopeful experience throughout the twinkling five minutes.

“Disintegration Anxiety” begins with an anxious rumble of synthesizers only to take a deep strumming guitar breath and begins to be carried by the guitar and drums working together to bring this unique fast-paced beat that has a soothing quality about it. “Infinite Orbit” Uses the drums as its main catalyst to carry the song through and keep it moving forward and slowly build one instrument on top of the other until the very last second where all of them come together forming a unity of sounds.

“Colors in Space” represents its name very well. It gives off an aura of floating in space with very tame ambient sounds. It progresses forward into something still simple, but great in its ability to say so much with the minimal sounds. “Landing Cliffs” closes out the album and is the last time during the record that the band shows us that they have grown once again, and have mastered their art form. They are expertly producing and creating these modern mini-symphonies.

At no point in The Wilderness is someone ever bored or unsure of what is going on. Explosions In The Sky make it a point to make this record something that is engaging and emotional. They blend different aspects of technology with the human soul in order to create a sound that has become unique to them and the experience a person has when listening to their music specifically.


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