Yeasayer share new single Gerson’s Whistle


Whenever I talk to someone who hasn’t been lucky enough to see Yeasayer, I tell them: It’s the best dance party you will ever go to.

You are 100 per cent guaranteed to have a good time, because they just make good, fun music.

The band are preparing their newest album, ahead of its release on Friday (April 1) via Mute.

It’s their first since 2012 and it will be refreshing to get some new songs of theirs to add to your playlists.

While we anxiously await its release, the band has come out with the single Gerson’s Whistle with featured vocals from Suzzy Roche of The Roches.

The tune is definitely a step forward for the band. They are heading in a new direction, and taking risks in order to enhance and challenge their sound.

There’s a mysterious 60s aura to it and it combines different styles and genres in order to create this empowering feeling.

Seeing these incredible musicians live is something you should experience at least once. Check out the tour dates on their website  and find a show near you.


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