Adult Jazz share new music video for Pumped From Above

The visuals in Adult Jazz’s new video, directed by Sam Travis, for Pumped From Above

Adult Jazz have also just released a video directed by Sam Travis for Pumped From Above – giving music lovers a chance to experience the record from a new perspective.

The band’s most recent experimental album, Earrings Off! has been pushing the group into a new creative venture and has shown fans that they are even more ambitious about their music than ever before.

Earrings Off! shows the band in a new light which uses their strength as songwriters as well as their inimitable creativity.

The band has been on the scene since 2013, and in that short amount of time have created two records and grown an extremely committed and loving fanbase.

After receiving immense amounts of positive feedback for their first album, Gist Is, the group gained the confidence to really delve into a more abstract part of their minds.

The new album gives their followers a listening experience that will be difficult for them to forget.

Check out the video for Pumped From Above below.


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