Trust is a big issue on Little Weddings

This instalment of Little Weddings features a much needed family business meeting and Kelly tries some delegating, with mixed success. Kelly finally has a business meeting with siblings TJ, Kacy and Kensey, but will she lay down the law or try to smooth things over. The fierce business woman also sets up a team building event involving a rope course

Nikki Reed and Aasif Mandvi explore climate change on Years of Living Dangerously

This episode of Years of Living Dangerously follows actress Nikki Reed and comedian Aasif Mandv as they look at climate change and some possible solutions. The Twilight and Sleepy Hollow star says: “I don’t think that people understand right now, including me, how urgent and how immediate it is, and how connected all of the issues on our

Farley’s decision could wreck the mission on Legend of Croc Gold

On this episode of Legend of Croc Gold, the final member of the team arrives but Farley then makes a decision that splits the group. The gold-mining operation can really get going now that the final member of the group has arrived but boss Farley makes a decision that not everyone is happy with. Last week we

4ft 2in Amanda Loy dates 6ft 8in hunk on Little Women: Dallas

On tonight’s Little Women: Dallas, Amanda Loy goes on a blind date with a hunk called Michael — who’s an enormous 6ft 8in tall. The pair try their hands at archery after one of Amanda’s friends set them up — but did she hit the bullseye? Amanda is stunned when she first meets her potential

Who made it through to the Ink Master live finale?

Ink Master had its final elimination before next week’s season live finale last night — and now we know who the last three will be. The episode started off with four artists still in the running: Ryan Ashley Malarkey, Kelly Doty, Nate Beavers, and Gian Karle Cruz. The elimination took place over three rounds in a 15-hour tattoo


Final three to be decided on Ink Master

Ink Master started with 30 artists and now it’s down to the last four, find out who makes it through the tattoo marathon to the finale. Only three can go through to the live finale and the chance of winning $100K, a feature in Inked magazine, the title of Ink Master and a guest artist spot in

Josh needs help and relationship stress on Moonshiners

On this episode of Moonshiners, Josh is in dire need of some help and the shine’s coming off Chico and Sandra’s relationship. Josh really needs some help after a disaster, while the moonshine business is putting pressure on Sandra and Chico’s relationship. Also on this episode, Mark and Digger think outside the box but there


Puppies and chaos on Kate Plus 8 as sextuplets turn 12

On this episode of Kate Plus 8, the sextuplets celebrate their 12th birthday and the family gets bigger! The kids head off on a scavenger hunt that gives them a few clues regards their birthday party as their mother Kate Gosselin tries to keep everything under control. Expect plenty of chaos with puppies, bugs and boats. Plus