Farley’s decision could wreck the mission on Legend of Croc Gold

Legend of Croc Gold
Farley (right) makes a controversial decision on Legend of Croc Gold

On this episode of Legend of Croc Gold, the final member of the team arrives but Farley then makes a decision that splits the group.

The gold-mining operation can really get going now that the final member of the group has arrived but boss Farley makes a decision that not everyone is happy with.

Last week we saw how hostile the seemingly idyllic Bougainville Island really was. With stifling heat, truly deadly crocodiles and tropical diseases rife it’s no place for the unprepared or the reckless.

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Legend of Croc Gold - barge in the water
Legend of Croc Gold – the mining barge goes into the water

The crew did manage to get the main barge in the water along with the equipment but there were delays in customs and the schedule was pushed back a little.

This led to them having to camp on a beach as night fell, but their slumber was abruptly interrupted by some angry locals who arrived with machete’s and sticks. They were forced to leave and navigate through the night to another spot.

The other group made their way to Farley via a torturous river route that involved wading chest deep in croc infested waters.

Finally everyone was at base camp and croc expert Jim headed off with Farley to survey for gold whilst the test of the team started construction of the base camp cabins.

Farley panning for gold
Farley panning for gold last week, crocodiles interrupted the surveying several times

Catch Legend of Croc Gold – An Ounce an Hour at  10 PM on Discovery.

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