Who made it through to the Ink Master live finale?

Gian, left, and Nate's newschool landmarks tattoos from the penultimate Ink Master
Gian, left, and Nate’s newschool landmarks tattoos from the penultimate Ink Master. Pics: Spike

Ink Master had its final elimination before next week’s season live finale last night — and now we know who the last three will be.

The episode started off with four artists still in the running: Ryan Ashley Malarkey, Kelly Doty, Nate Beavers, and Gian Karle Cruz.

The elimination took place over three rounds in a 15-hour tattoo marathon: With Kelly, Chris Nunez’s last remaining artist, getting herself into the final straight away with a stellar effort.

In the second round, Ryan came out top earning herself a place in next week’s all-or-nothing episode. This was also a series first, as it meant there will be two women in the final for the first time.

So it all came down to a head-to-head battle between Nate and Gian Karle, with new-school landmarks as the style. Both the efforts were great, but Gian’s just edged it in the eyes of the judges meaning he joins the two girls in the final stage of the competition.

Nate was eliminated.

The live finale episode of the Ink Master season will see the trio compete in a master canvas event creating chest tattoos, as well as creating designs in a style chosen by members here.

You can cast your vote here.

The Ink Master Season finale airs December 6 at 10/9c on Spike.

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