Clive Standen finds out how the Vikings invaded France and England in The Real Vikings

The Real Vikings - Clive Standen
Clive Standen joins other cast members and experts as they look at The Real Vikings

Join actor Clive Standen, as he joins a team of experts who examine the The Real Vikings.

Standen plays Rollo in the History Channel TV series Vikings, his character is a warrior of renown being the saviour of Paris and has been made a duke for his heroism.

However, there was much more to the Vikings than just their martial and maritime prowess. They developed and spread a rich culture with a fascinating oral tradition and some remarkable art. They also influenced everything from the English language through to laws and even the days of the week.

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The likes of Wednesday (Woden’s Day), Thursday (Thor’s Day) and Friday (Freya’s day) all become part of the modern English world and their relatively democratic system and detailed laws helped shaped many of our own institutions.

This series looks behind the raiding and pillaging at the complex culture they developed as they fought and traded across the known world.

Watch Real Vikings – Age of Invasion at 10 PM on History, be sure to tune in for the second half of Vikings Season 4 at 9.

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