Trust is a big issue on Little Weddings

Little Weddings
Little Weddings features four siblings who all work together in an event and wedding planning business

This instalment of Little Weddings features a much needed family business meeting and Kelly tries some delegating, with mixed success.

Kelly finally has a business meeting with siblings TJ, Kacy and Kensey, but will she lay down the law or try to smooth things over.

The fierce business woman also sets up a team building event involving a rope course and tries to delegate some tasks to her brother and sisters. Kelly just doesn’t seem to trust her family to carry out the jobs the way she would like, but if it is going to work they need to work on this trust issue.

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Little Weddings
Making dreams come true and organising big weddings for little people

One of the clients this week is after a beach wedding, as Kelly likes to say she is in the business of making dreams come true with big weddings for little people.

Also check out this clip from Little Talk where host Terra Jole chats to TJ and Kelly about the new series and their working relationship.

Catch Little Weddings – It’s My Business! at 9PM on Lifetime. 

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