Sicario (review)

Emily Blunt is about as far south of a romcom as it gets, transplanted to the U.S. Mexican border – the drugs and crime hotspot of Juarez and El Paso as a drug agent in this tight, visceral and disturbing film. Similar to The Bridge on FX, in that a woman has a prominent law

Review: Le Butcherettes ‘A Raw Youth’

Hearing the names Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Iggy Pop, and John Frusciante associated with one album is enough to get any rock n roll lover’s ears to perk up. Le Butcherettes have all three of these incredible musicians working on their album, and the album is everything you could hope for. A Raw Youth is the third

Review: Destruction Unit ‘Negative Feedback Resistor’

On the surface you may think Arizona quintet Destruction Unit is just a noise punk group trying to dish out aggressive riffs along with Drunkdriver noise-core clamor, but when you listen to their tracks, you find yourself listening to one of the most inventive bands in the scene. What started as the solo project of

Interview: Five Knives

Known as an eclectic, live electronic group with a hard edge, Five Knives have been making headway in the music community by pioneering a new sense of sound and style. Sharing stages with groups from Twenty One Pilots, to The Glitch Mob, this four-piece have been seeing great success. We were lucky enough to meet

Review: HeCTA ‘The Diet’

Alt-Country gurus Lambchop have rebranded themselves for HeCTA, a fresh and enjoyable mix of electronic grooves and solid songwriting. The Diet pays respects to the more interesting sides of electronic music, past and present through Detroit, Berlin, the UK and beyond, touching on a number of sub-genres, from glitchy techno to ambient IDM, downtempo grooves,


Below Deck Recap: ‘Wine, Dine and 69!’ Edition

Tonight’s “Below Deck” on Bravo exemplified the old adage: “Be careful what you wish for.” Emile finally shows and interest in Rocky and asks her out. And he’s the worst date ever! By the time they get back to the yacht, she doesn’t even want a cuddle. “That date was so painful. It was like nails

The Visit (review)

No wonder Mom never spoke with her parents. Night Shyamalan unleashes another one on a gleeful public with this psycho-horror movie about a suitably dysfunctional family. Becca and Tyler (Olivia DeJonge and Ed Oxenbould) traipse off into rural Pennsylvania to visit Nana and Pop Pop (Deanna Dunagan and Peter McRobbie) on their farm. The grandparents

Goodnight Mommy (Ich seh, Ich she) Review

When thing go wrong at home, they really go wrong. Co-writers/directors Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala put together a traditional but high quality horror flick in this tale of lethal mother-son conflict. A mostly silent soundtrack lets the great acting and screenplay tell the story. This puts pressure on the actors, especially the young ones,

The Fool (Durak) Review

An expose’ that rises above finger pointing to create a masterpiece of tension and suspense. A multiple prize-winner at the 2014 Locarno Film Festival, Yury Bykov’s movie is a profound tragedy. Opening with a no holds barred look inside a dilapidated Russian state-owned apartment building that houses the poor, the desperate and the despaired in

Recap: FX’s You’re The Worst, ‘The Sweater People’

The best comedy about relationships and single living, You’re the Worst, returned to the air this week on FXX and just like the entire first season, it hit another bullseye dead center with its Season 2 premiere, “The Sweater People”. At last season’s end, Gretchen (Aya Cash) was left homeless after her faulty vibrator set