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    Monday 14 April 2014

  • Book Review: The Detainee

    Book Review: The Detainee

    Sixty-three year old ex-Mafia enforcer Clancy, once known as the “Big Guy” is now a detainee on an island off the East Coast. What was once a residential area is now a grim place as the entire island is now the mainland’s garbage dump and that includes those members of society deemed...

  • Book Review: Free to Fall

    Book Review: Free to Fall

    In the not so distant future, people are relying upon a decision making app known as Lux to tell them when to get up, what to wear, who to date and basically direct every aspect of their lives. Great if you want nothing more then a...

  • Friday 28 March 2014

  • Book Review: Omega Days

    People around California and indeed the world, were simply going about their daily lives when the unthinkable happened. A virus transmitted by bites from walking corpses quickly decimated entire cities as the domino effect of newly infected in turn began rising up and killing. In the midst of total chaos...

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