Who plays Richard Beck on the Chicago P.D. cast?

Lee Tergesen on the red carpet
Lee Tergesen will guest star on the Chicago P.D. cast again. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/S_Bukley

Chicago P.D. introduced the character Richard Beck during Season 10, Episode 12.

Richard was asked to pay a ransom for his kidnapped daughter in that episode.

The only reason the police even became involved was that Sean O’Neal told Detective Hailey Upton about it.

Intelligence saved the daughter (Samantha Beck) but was unable to determine exactly why she was kidnapped in the first place.

Now, that family will be part of a new episode, with Intelligence drilling down on the Becks due to some new evidence.

In the new Chicago P.D. TV promo, Samantha is featured in a big part of it.

Lee Tergesen plays Richard Beck on Chicago P.D.

Even after all these years, Lee Tergesen may still be best recognized for his role in Wayne’s World. In that film, he played Terry, one of the close friends of Wayne and Garth. He returned for the sequel as well.

Later, Lee starred as Chett Donnelly in the television version of Weird Science, appearing in 88 episodes of the show.

He also appeared in seven episodes of Homicide: Life on the Street as Officer Chris Thormann before starring as Tobias Beecher on the hit television series Oz.

In 2018, Lee appeared in 10 episodes of the TV series, The Purge as Joe Owens.

Over the years, Lee has also guest-starred on several shows, recently playing Mister Shadow on an episode of Watchmen, Deputy Barnes on The Equalizer, and U..S. Marshall David Weslake on East New York.

More from Chicago P.D.

Chicago P.D. just hit its 200th episode with the last installment, which saw Ruzek and Burgess trying to solve a case that involved a moving elevated train.

Burgess finally faced some of her past trauma, but there may be a lot of work ahead of her in order to be trustworthy on the job again.

Later in March, an episode that Jesse Lee Soffer worked on will debut, showing what he can do behind the camera.

Tracy Spiridakos, who plays Detective Hailey Upton on the show, shared some set photos featuring Jesse while he was at work.

And speaking of people returning to work, Brian Tee was back on the Chicago Med set to film an upcoming episode of the show.

For Chicago P.D. fans that want to go back and watch Lee Tergesen’s first episode as Richard Beck, that was Season 10, Episode 12 (called I Can Let You Go), and it is available for streaming on Peacock. It might be worth re-watching before the next appearance.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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