Who left Chicago Fire and who is the new paramedic?

Gianna Mackey And Sylvie Brett
Gianna Mackey and Sylvie Brett are now partners on Chicago Med. Pic credit: Adrian S Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

The Chicago Fire cast has gone through another change with one actress leaving the show and another one joining up as a paramedic at Firehouse 51.

On Wednesday night, viewers got to see the new-look Chicago Fire cast for the first time and it may have caught some people off-guard that a change had taken place.

This is to be expected in a procedural drama like this one, as there are a lot of moving parts, character deaths, and actresses or actors that are simply moving on to new projects.

Who left Chicago Fire?

Annie Ilonzeh played Emily Foster on the Chicago Fire cast for two years, but her story has been paused. The character is now studying at med school according to the script of the show. Losing Foster has forced the firehouse to look for a new partner for Brett.

Her exit may seem a bit abrupt because it wasn’t made completely clear that she was leaving during last season’s finale. The slow walk she made with Brett is more poignant when re-watching the episode, though.

Who is the new Chicago Fire paramedic?

Actress Adriyan Rae debuts as the new character Gianna Mackey on the season premiere of the show. It’s another fresh face to the world of One Chicago and it gives the writers something new to work with.

For anyone who has already watched the Chicago Fire Season 9 premiere, it’s very clear that she is going to be able to hold her own with this crew. That’s a good thing, especially with so many popular and entrenched characters.

More One Chicago news

As we previously reported, Season 5 of Chicago Med was all about relationships. That definitely sets the stage for what is going to be covered on the show in Season 6.

For viewers who already watched the Chicago Med season premiere, it was made pretty obvious that Hannah Asher is going to be an important part of the cast this season.

And over at Chicago P.D., the season has the potential to be extremely exciting and dramatic due to what Officer Kevin Atwater did during last season’s finale.

Wrapping up Season 7, Atwater was working with a cop that had a history of racial profiling. It happened again while Atwater was in the vehicle with him, ultimately leading to that cop being killed. He has/had a lot of family members also on the job who are ready to cause Atwater a lot of grief.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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