What happened to Mouch on Chicago Fire?

Mouch on Chicago Fire S11
Christian Stolte stars as Randy “Mouch” McHolland on the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBCUniversal

Mouch was seriously injured in the last Chicago Fire season finale.

It’s a cliffhanger that will be addressed in the first episode of Season 12.

That injury is also a good reason for Chicago Fire fans to rewatch Season 11, Episode 22 before the new episodes arrive.

As a reminder, all previous One Chicago episodes are available for streaming through Peacock.

The Chicago Fire showrunner also revealed that a time jump will greet viewers this season. It’s a storytelling device the show has used frequently.

The first Chicago Fire Season 12 episode is scheduled for Wednesday, January 17, at 9/8c.

What happened to Mouch at the end of Chicago Fire Season 11?

Firehouse 51 responded to a call at a power station during Season 11, Episode 22.

Domestic terrorists were trying to leave millions of people without power, but a task force led by Matt Casey is on the job.

Casey learned about the threat while he was in Portland, but he returned to Chicago when he felt an attack was imminent.

Casey also recruited Stella Kidd for the task force, giving the writers and producers an extra excuse to bring back actor Jesse Spencer for a few episodes.

The firehouse found that a fire had been started at the power station, but upon arriving, found that there were also shooters trying to harm first responders.

Casey and several other firefighters snuck into the adjoining parking garage to take out the terrorists, saving the day and the city of Chicago.

While on that domestic terrorism call, Mouch was hit by a piece of shrapnel and rushed to the hospital.

Christopher Herrmann visited Mouch at the hospital near the end of the episode, and he was in good spirits. But then the machines started going off, Mouch fell unconscious, and Herrmann discovered his friend was bleeding out.

The episode ended with Mouch clinging to life.

Viewers must tune in for the Season 12 premiere to learn if the fan-favorite character has survived.

More news and notes from Chicago Fire

Dramatic photos from the Chicago Fire season premiere have been revealed. It provides an early look at what Firehouse 51 deals with in the new episode.

Chicago Fire fans are worried about a new promo that might hint at another fan-favorite character dying on the show.

Here is a synopsis for the new Chicago Fire episode, but be aware that it includes a spoiler or two.

As a reminder, the Chicago Fire Season 11 finale can be streamed using Peacock.

Chicago Fire returns on Wednesday, January 17, 8/7c on NBC.

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