Did Chicago Fire accidentally reveal another huge character death?

David Eigenberg On Chicago Fire
David Eigenberg has played Christopher Herrmann on the Chicago Fire cast for years. Pic credit: Art Streiber/NBCUniversal

A new Chicago Fire advertisement has fans worried that another popular character could die in the new season.

Chicago Fire Season 12 debuts on January 17, with new content ready to debut on NBC. Shocking news was already revealed that two characters are leaving the show, but a social media tease might have increased that number to three.

This article outlines some previously known spoilers about upcoming Chicago Fire episodes. It also addresses the new concerns.

Alberto Rosende has exited the Chicago Fire cast. He played firefighter Blake Gallo for about four years, and his final episode is the Season 12 premiere.

Likewise, actress Kara Killmer is leaving the show. She plays paramedic Sylvie Brett but will soon appear in her final episodes.

Losing Gallo and Brett will be difficult for fans, as they are two very popular characters. But another popular character may also be at risk.

Did David Eigenberg reveal that Cindy will die in Season 12?

Cindy Herrmann (played by Robyn Coffin) is the wife of firefighter Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg). She went through a cancer scare in Season 11 but survived the worrisome diagnosis.

It seemed like the writers had moved on from Cindy’s troubling storyline. But maybe they didn’t.

The cast of Chicago Fire reflected on their most challenging episodes in a new social media spot. In it, cast members talked about troubling episodes they had filmed, with Taylor Kinney (he plays Kelly Severide), Hanako Greensmith (Violet Mikami), and Joe Minoso (Joe Cruz) participating.

But when David spoke, fans noticed.

“Herrmann losing his wife and the heartbreak that goes along with serious illness, such as cancer,” David stated.

That’s it. That’s every word he said. But Hermann’s wife didn’t die in Season 11 after her cancer diagnosis. So what happened here?

Did the producers of the video cut off David? Was he saying something before he got to the part about Cindy? Or did David reveal a huge spoiler about Chicago Fire Season 12?

Take a look at the video below and weigh in.

Chicago Fire fans react to the video clip

Many fans noticed what David said in the video clip above.

“Cindy is what now?? I hope he just mis spoke and that wasn’t a huge spoiler,” posted one fan with a GIF of Herrmann.

“Wait what?!?! Hermann loses his wife!!!!! WTF?!?!?!” wrote another Chicago Fire fan.

More news from Chicago Fire

The showrunner revealed some interesting Chicago Fire spoilers. She stated that a time jump was coming up. Hopefully, Cindy Hermann survives it.

It was also revealed that actor Rome Flynn has joined the Chicago Fire cast.

Chicago Fire returns on January 17 on NBC.

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