WandaVision Hydrasoak commercial explained: Details on Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. reference

WandaVision Hydrasoak commercial featured.
The toaster commercial from WandaVision | Pic credit: Marvel Studios.

WandaVision is the latest, and first, Marvel Studio’s live-action series on Disney Plus. The show’s premise and themes are currently making the collective audience scratch their heads in wonder, amazement, and confusion.

The mystery of the story that follows up after the events of Avengers: Endgame, is not the only thing that’s causing intrigue. There’s also the commercials featured in every episode. 

And the most recent WandaVision Hydrasoak commercial is one of its most baffling ones to date. Recently, Marvel Studios released the commercial from episode 3 of WandaVision on its own, for analysis by fans. 

The commercial is one of three released so far. The first two featured an advertisement for a Stark Industries toaster and a watch model named Strucker Watches. 

Both references relate to the trauma suffered by Wanda. First the death of her parents by weapons from Stark. And the second regarding the experiments done on her by Hydra agent Baron Von Strucker.

WandaVision Hydrasoak commercial has many layers.

WandaVision Hydrasoak commercial woman.
The Hydrasoak commercial from WandaVision | Pic credit: Marvel Studios.

The third commercial released during WandaVision episode 3, titled Now In Color. The commercial was about an exhausted homemaker finding comfort through a bath soap branded as Hydrasoak.

The soap in question has tints of blue, and the backdrop sees the homemaker in a bathroom with a paradise-like setting. These are all references that imply much deeper connections to the MCU

The references themselves, mostly come from that first, actual MCU TV series, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. A network TV show, A.O.S, as it’s fondly known by fans, had very few connections to the movie universe, creating a rich world of its own instead. 

The show revealed that Agent Coulson (Clark Greg), seen in previous MCU movies, came back to life by an infusion of blue Kree blood. His memories were altered to make him believe he was on an island vacation, referring to the paradise setting in the commercial. 

In season 4 of the show, there’s a comedic bit where Coulson, stuck in a simulation, mentions that Hydra is using blue soap to brainwash the world. This is probably the most direct connection to the WandaVision Hydrasoak commercial. 

Unleash the Goddess within

WandaVision Hydrasoak commercial Soap.
The Hydrasoak from WandaVision | Pic credit: Marvel Studios.

There’s also a different implication from the commercial itself. The tagline for the Hydrasoak talks about ‘unleashing the Goddess within’. 

Fans are taking that to seem like a line meant specifically for Wanda. Possibly implying that the Mind Stone may not have given her powers, but rather triggered latent abilities always within her. 

This is important, as Wanda in the comics is a Mutant with her powers being a natural ability. While in the MCU, her powers come from experimentation with the Mind Stone. 

We’ll have to wait for more episodes of WandaVision to clarify or better interpret these references. And whether they will be important to the story, or just fun Easter Eggs meant to engage the audience. 

WandaVision is now streaming on Disney Plus. 

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