WandaVision: What was Wanda singing to twins, Tommy and Billy

WandaVision: What was Wanda singing to twins
Wanda was singing a song to her twins in front of Geraldine on WandaVision. Pic credit: WandaVision

On the third episode of WandaVision. Wanda Maxomoff had just delivered twin boys, Tommy and Billy, thanks to the help from her neighbor Geraldine.

As she stood looking at her children, she began to sing a song in a foreign language, which greatly affected Geraldine.

After this, everything went wrong and viewers finally saw things were definitely not what they seemed.

Now, we know what Wanda was singing thanks to the international subtitles.

What was Wanda singing in WandaVision?

The idea here was that Wanda was singing a classical Sokovian song, which is the fictional location she came from.

In reality, the song was sung in Portuguese, and the international subtitles revealed exactly what Wanda was singing.

Here are the lyrics:

I waited for you

and this day has come.

My heart became a home full of light,

full of light.

This seems like a sweet moment, but it was immediately followed by Wanda getting deadly serious and blasting Geraldine out of the town when she realized she had let her guard down.

What did the WandaVision song mean?

WandaVision is a show about a superhero who has so much buried trauma that she is a ticking timebomb trying to find the happiness she never knew before.

Whether she is directly doing this herself or someone is doing it to her, something has created this idyllic world, and Wanda is now living in it.

Wanda and Geraldine looked at the twins, and that is when the Avenger let her guard down. She mentioned that she had twins and that she was a twin as well, and had a brother named Pietro.

Wanda began to sing the song to her twins, and Geraldine suddenly snapped out of her sitcom personality and seemed to be putting things together in her head.

Then she asked if Ultron killed Pietro.

That snapped Wanda out of her singing, and things got scary. Wanda saw the sword on the necklace that Geraldine was wearing and then said it was time for her to leave, blasting her out of the town.

It is not a secret that Geraldine is Monica Rambeau (the little girl from Captain Marvel now grown up and working as an agent for S.W.O.R.D.).

Whether she was in the town watching Wanda and ended up trapped or was somehow slipped into the town after the fact remains unknown.

What matters here is that Wanda clearly created these children, becoming pregnant and having the kids in one day. The same thing happened in the comics (with a longer pregnancy), and it was the loss of her children that caused Wanda to break and almost destroy the world.

WandaVision airs on Disney+ with a new episode hitting every Friday.

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