Today’s Dylan Dreyer calls out Al Roker for trying to grab her hand: ‘We’re just partners on this’

today dylan dreyer face shot from nbc during popstart segment
Dylan Dreyer hosting POPStart on Today. Pic credit: NBC

Dylan Dreyer navigated through what may have been a somewhat awkward moment on live television.

The meteorologist and host of Today’s 3rd Hour was involved in an on-air segment with her colleague Al Roker, which was later posted online.

They joke with each other frequently, with Al sometimes riling Dreyer up with his quips.

However, Dreyer tends to fire back when necessary and did that during one recent Today segment.

During a recent Today episode, the duo teamed up for a Movies and Munchies Superfood Quiz segment.

Married actors Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung also appeared on that Today episode and competed against them for the game.

Dreyer calls out Roker during live TV segment

A clip on Twitter gave viewers a look at the Superfoods game featuring Dreyer, Roker, Greenberg, and Chung. As a graphic left the screen for the segment, Dreyer yelled at her colleague.

“You just tried to grab my hand!” she said to Roker, who replied he was trying to grab the buzzer to use for the game.

“We’re just being partners on this!” Dreyer shot back at Roker as he chuckled over the incident.

From there, they participated in the game, which was a romantic comedy edition.

The teams had to answer trivia questions about food involved in movies, and then the host presented them with healthy alternatives to make those recipes with superfoods.

It’s not the first time Dreyer has called out Roker for something she found awkward. Several months ago, the Today stars were preparing for their Sirius XM show together, and Dreyer called out Roker’s gross food habit.

Dreyer praised Roker and her Today colleagues

While Dreyer may have seemed to snap at Roker during the quiz segment, it was all good fun between the two co-workers, who are also good friends.

During her appearance as a celebrity guest at The Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions, Dreyer talked with The U.S. Sun about her job at Today and colleagues there.

She said her friend Roker always teases her that she’s “waiting for the day he retires” from Today so she can take over his spot.

“I truly enjoy working with him so much. He’s just that quintessential guy who knows how TV works,” Dreyer gushed.

She also had plenty of good things to say about her other co-workers on the show, including Sheinelle Jones and Craig Melvin.

“Chemistry happens when the person you’re with makes you shine, and that’s how it is with Al and Sheinelle and Craig – I mean, everybody that I get to work with on the 3rd Hour, we all… make each other shine,” she said.

Dreyer also said there’s something “so special” about Today’s team as it is right now, and she wants it “to keep going as long as it keeps going.”

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CJ Glauner
CJ Glauner
11 days ago

Dylan is a neurotic and demanding person. Her jokes are always mean and expects everyone to respond when she snaps her fingers. When she told about a roommate she didn’t like so she put oil in her makeup and never confessed or apologized. She try’s to act perfect but always interrupts other people even people she is interviewing. She Never listens and is always just thinking of what she wants to say next. She’s rude to everyone! Why was she hired and please find a black meteorologist if Al leaves. Put someone ther who has a heart Dylan does not!