Today’s Dylan Dreyer calls Al Roker ‘so gross’ for doing this on air

dylan dreyer and al roker from nbc today and off the rails radio program
Dylan Dreyer seemed disgusted by her co-host Al Roker’s activity during a radio show promo. Pic credit: © Means/ACE Pictures/Dennis Van Tine/StarMaxWorldwide

Al Roker’s on-air activity drew the disgust of his NBC colleague during a recent broadcast they did together.

Roker, 69, is known as the popular weather anchor who regularly appears on NBC’s Today.

Meteorologist Dylan Dreyer, 42, has often filled in for Roker on Today, in addition to appearing on NBC News as a weather correspondent.

Dreyer also co-hosts NBC’s 3rd Hour Today daily with Sheinelle Jones, where Roker sometimes appears as a co-anchor.

In addition, Dreyer and Roker appear on Off the Rails weekly for Today Show Radio on SiriusXM Channel 108.

Recent promotional footage revealed Roker partaking in an activity near Dreyer that drew her reaction.

Dreyer called Roker ‘so gross’ in behind-the-scenes footage

Earlier this week, an Instagram video post from @todaysxm and @offtherailstdy promoted Off the Rails featuring Roker and Dreyer.

It shows Roker dressed in his shirt and tie with his headphones only partly on, as one-half rests on his head.

In the clip, Roker also enjoys some crispy snacks as he chomps away on them noisily just a few feet away from his Today Show Radio co-host.

The camera pans over to Dreyer, who looks disgusted at Roker’s activity.

“So gross,” she says, closing her eyes and chuckling about her co-host’s eating during the behind-the-scenes footage.

“Off The Rails Sirius XM, Channel 108. Download it now,” Roker said in the clip, seeming to ignore his co-host’s reaction

“You heard the man. Stream it now on the SXM app,” the IG post’s caption said, directing everyone to the latest episode.

Fans reacted to Roker’s snacking during a promo clip

While some people may find the sound of chewing gross, others might feel that what Roker is crunching away on is gross.

Based on several Instagram commenters, the beloved weatherman and on-air personality was eating shrimp chips.

“Shrimp chimps are so yummy!” one commenter wrote, adding the hashtag #imwithal regarding his snack choice.

Another individual asked what Dreyer thought was gross about Roker’s eating.

“He was eating shrimp chips,” a commenter replied, including a grossed-out emoji face with their response.

commenters react to off the rails radio program clip
Pic credit: @todaysxm/Instagram

Roker is doing well after his surgery and a medical emergency

Another commenter mentioned that they thought Roker was hospitalized. The NBC News personality was missing from Today this past Monday.

The NBC star was absent due to taking off the Columbus Day holiday. Dreyer was Al’s fill-in for the show and also handled the day’s weather reports.

In November 2022, Roker was hospitalized due to blood clots. While he was initially released after his hospitalization before Thanksgiving, he was readmitted for further complications.

Roker returned to Today in January 2023. Earlier this year, he had knee surgery to address another health issue.

This past August, Monsters and Critics reported that Roker shared an update after his health scare and surgery.

“I will tell you, since my medical emergency back at the end of last year and now, three months out from my knee surgery, this is the first weekend I actually feel like myself,” Roker said in an IG video post.

Based on more recent footage, it seems the popular weatherman is still doing just fine and enjoying his shrimp chips every crunch of the way!

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Robin Patterson
Robin Patterson
8 months ago

You act like he did something personal to you, close your ears down and get on to what you are paid to do

8 months ago

Too critical of others!

8 months ago

Nothing gross about Al. Love you Al!