Today’s Al Roker is finally feeling like himself again following health scare

Al Roker
Al Roker is feeling more like himself. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Al Roker is feeling much better after his health scare and knee surgery earlier this year, and fans are glad to hear it!

He took to Instagram over the weekend to share a little bit of his own “serenity” and explained that he was feeling great.

“I will tell you, since my medical emergency back at the end of last year and now, three months out from my knee surgery, this is the first weekend I actually feel like myself,” he revealed.

“For those of you who have gone through stuff like that, it’s a great feeling.”

He thanked fans, friends, and family for getting him through it all, and we know his wife has a special place in his heart, too.

“I hope you think about what you’re thankful for on this Sunday,” he added.

Al Roker celebrated major first recently

Last month, Al shared a video of his first walk since his knee replacement.

He shared the video with his fans, noting that he was on his first walk since his surgery in March and happened to run into his beloved wife, Deborah Roberts, while on his walk.

Though Deborah was clearly done with Al’s antics by the time the video was over, the comments section lit up with compliments and support from fans for the couple.

Many users talked about how cute the couple is, with one writing, “You two are so cute! Debra is like ‘enough!'” and another simply writing, “Love you Al! Cutest couple.”

Others gave more heartfelt compliments, with one user writing, “You two are such a great example of living life to the fullest no matter what trials and tribulations you’ve gone through.”

“The two of you are adorable. Please be careful on the main road … enjoy your family time,” read another comment.

One user poked fun at Deborah being done with Al’s singing, writing, “I was gonna say is Debra ever like No No Al quit it with the exorbitant optimism.”

comments from Al Roker's IG post
Pic credit: @alroker/Instagram

Apparently, Deborah does get fed up with Al’s antics, but that’s not enough to make him stop having fun!

Al Roker shares ‘#sunsoutfunsout’ dance

In another weekend share, Al showed off his fun side as he danced and lip-synced in the sun, much to his wife’s disappointment.

As the video goes on, Deborah can be heard telling Al that he’s “lost his mind” and, “Do not post that; you look like a lunatic!”

However, none of that stopped Al from posting the video — although he did offer an apology as well.

“#sunsoutfunsout Dance in the sunshine. Thanks @eltonjohn for the advice: #biteyourlip #getupanddance. Sorry @debrobertsabc,” Al wrote.

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