Today’s Al Roker shares why he doesn’t walk with other people: ‘What’s the point?’

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Today star Al Roker generally walks alone and for several good reasons. Pic credit: ©

Al Roker continues practicing healthy habits after his hospitalization last year and surgery earlier this year.

The Today star has seemed upbeat and looks great as he keeps moving forward months after those health issues.

He posts regular updates on his social media, including a recent promotional clip featuring his “gross” activity, according to his co-host.

The 69-year-old meteorologist also shows himself during outdoor walks, often including his thoughts on life or other topics.

A recent share had Roker revealing why he usually doesn’t walk with other people as he gets in his steps.

In answering fan questions, he discussed why he walks without other people and his listening habits with his earbuds.

Al Roker asks, ‘What’s the point?’ walking with others

An Instagram clip shared by Al Roker and Start Today has the famous TV personality answering several fan questions regarding his walks.

Asked who he prefers to walk with, Roker said he doesn’t want others with him during his outdoor exercise.

“You know, I don’t walk with people,” Roker revealed, chuckling.

“I enjoy the solitary nature of walking and, listen, a lot of people in our Start Today family like to walk with groups,” he said.

However, Roker indicated he prefers the time to himself to “listen to music, think about things [and] just chill out.”

While he said he’d walk from “time to time with Deborah or Nick,” Roker said walking with others can bring issues for him with pace and arguments.

“They’re so much faster than me that I still end up walking alone,” he said of his wife and son.

“And then they gotta wait for me, we get into an argument- What’s the point?” Roker asked.

Roker also shared that he prefers “music with a beat” playing in his ears as he strolls outdoors.

“I don’t know how people listen to the podcast or the audiobook,” he said, adding that he prefers music with a faster beat like Elton John.

Roker shared a ‘dangerous week’ message in an update

Roker shared another video update several days earlier to motivate fans for their Sunday walk and week ahead. He said he had to have a “little chat” with himself and decided to go for a shorter walk in the brisk weather but still “got out” for some exercise.

“Hope you’re doing a little something to bring yourself a little Sunday morning serenity and get yourself charged up for the week ahead,” he said as he walked.

“Didn’t have to go six miles. I’m only gonna go two-and-a-half. That’s all fine. But, I got out,” Roker said.

“I hope you can get out, get out there, enjoy a little bit of nature, and kinda quiet your mind with everything that’s going on out there,” Roker said.

“Good Sunday. Hope you are having a good day and can do something for yourself and those around you as well as we head into a very fraught and dangerous week,” Roker said in his IG post’s caption.

The NBC meteorologist didn’t elaborate upon what he meant by “fraught and dangerous week” in his video.

Many commenters on Al’s IG post about a “dangerous week” thanked the Today star for his motivational talk, while others wished him well.

“Your just an inspiration!! I need to do this! I’m getting older n I really need this!!!” one individual commented.

“Thanks for your kindness in the world,” another told Roker.

commenters react to al roker motivation words during walk
Pic credit: @alroker/Instagram

As a regular on Today, the well-known meteorologist is also known for his annual gig as host of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC. He first hosted in 1995 alongside Katie Couric and the late Willard Scott.

More recently, Roker’s co-hosts have included Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb.

He missed the 2022 event due to a health scare, as he had blood clots and was hospitalized just before Thanksgiving. In addition, Roker had knee surgery earlier this year.

The 2022 parade was the first one Roker had missed in 27 years of coverage.

As the video clips show, he continues doing his best to stay healthy. He returned to his day job at Today months ago and seems ready to return for Macy’s annual tradition.

As of this writing, 26 floats and 20 balloons are listed for the 2023 parade’s lineup, including fan-favorite characters like Goku, Grogu, Pikachu, Spongebob, and Snoopy.

The annual event takes place on Thanksgiving Day, with many hoping to see Roker back on NBC’s telecast of the event after he surprisingly missed last year’s parade.

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