The View fans left confused after Monday’s change

Joy Behar
Joy Behar from The View. Pic credit: ©

The View had a change to the table talk show on Monday that not too many fans were thrilled about.

Of course, Whoopi Goldberg had to address the current SAG-AFTRA strike and explain why the ladies on The View would keep filming.

After addressing their different contract type and the fact that they supported those on strike, things took a turn.

Or rather, they didn’t take a turn at all, as the women started to just chat it up instead.

Usually, viewers are used to watching the women go into Hot Topic panel discussions throughout the show, but this time, viewers got to see the women’s thoughts from the weekend.

Starting off, they talked about Wimbledon, tennis, and a few other regular conversational topics.

Viewers speak out against Monday’s change on The View

Fans weren’t thrilled with the change and were half-convinced that they had simply run out of things to discuss on the panel.

One Twitter user wrote, “Clearly they have nothing to talk about .. cause they just babbling with Brian.”

Other users shared this sentiment, with one user using a confused GIF to show how they felt about the issues.

“They have #Whoopi talking to #Brian about #Wimbeldon2023 To start segments now,” the unamused user wrote.

Another user simply had a snarky question for the ladies, asking, “Are these Hot Topics?”

Eventually, the ladies did get into some hot topics, such as Miranda Lambert’s response to a fan taking a selfie at her concert, but needless to say, viewers weren’t impressed with the idle chit-chat. Sorry, Brian!

The View’s Hot Topic panel is the hottest of them all

Of course, everyone watches The View to see what these ladies are talking about on the Hot Topics panel.

Otherwise, it’s just idle talk that you can find in any location, like a local cafe.

Some hot topics raise more controversy than others, such as Whoopi and Sunny Hostin’s opinions on artificial intelligence and virtual reality or whether Whoopi is being too hard on Sunny or not.

Of course, it’s not a Hot Topic panel without some snarky remarks from Joy Behar, either, one of her latest being when she told Alyssa Farah Griffin it was “very optimistic” of her to expect to be getting into heaven.

Things seem to be back to normal now, but hopefully, The View will stick to their scheduled talking points from here on out.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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