The View fans slam Whoopi Goldberg for throwing shade at Sunny Hostin on air

Sunny Hostin
Fans aren’t thrilled with Whoopi Goldberg being rude to Sunny Hostin. Pic credit: © Thompson/Admedia

Whoopi Goldberg is always one to voice her opinion, but this time, she got some backlash from fans.

On Wednesday’s episode of The View, there was a misunderstanding with what was written on her note card, and Sunny Hostin came in to correct the situation — but Whoopi wasn’t thrilled about it.

Now, the hosts have been writing their own notes as the Writer’s Guild of America strike continues, so maybe that stirred up some feelings as Whoopi struggled to read her note card.

She read, “Researchers from the University of Windsor asked 16 30-year-olds what they would be willing to give up to–” before Sunny hopped in to correct her.

Sunny chimed in that 750 Canadians were interviewed, not 16 30-year-olds. The miscommunication stemmed from the subject at hand, which was that 750 Canadians aged 16-30 were interviewed.

However, when Sunny corrected Whoopi, Whoopi quickly told her “no” and asked her what the note card said.

Fans aren’t thrilled about this interaction on The View

Sunny didn’t back down, though, and continued explaining herself.

“Yeah, asked 16-to-30-year-olds. That’s what I said,” Whoopi eventually backtracked.

“Yeah, and 750 of them,” Sunny added, seemingly trying to avoid more conflict with her co-host.

“Well, that’s not what my thing says. I’m just reading what it says because that’s what I wrote. I didn’t write what you wrote,” Whoopi explained before co-host Joy Behar intervened and asked her to read her whole note card, which Whoopi did, adding Sunny’s note with a side-eye.

Whoopi’s behavior was not approved by viewers at home, who took to Twitter to express their dislike of her rudeness.

The View critics call out Whoopi Goldberg for being ‘rude’ to Sunny Hostin

One user took to Twitter and said it super simply: “Whoopi is freaking rude to Sunny!”

Another user echoed the sentiment, writing, “Whoopi is so unnecessarily rude to her.”

Yet another user replied, “For no damn reason.. like Sunny is just trying to make sure the story is correct.. and Whoopi is going to fight her over being wrong..”

The interaction clearly sparked some nerves online, as no one was thrilled with Whoopi’s attitude or side-eye during the episode.

We know it can be embarrassing to be corrected, especially on live television in front of an audience. Still, the consensus is that Whoopi could have handled this situation a lot better.

What do you think about Whoopi and Sunny’s interaction? Let us know in the comments!

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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