Whoopi Goldberg rejects GMA’s Michael Strahan: ‘Not gonna happen, babe’

Whoopi Goldberg close up
Whoopi Goldberg rejects GMA’s Michael Strahan. Pic credit: © Santoro/Admedia

You read that right — Whoopi Goldberg rejected Michael Strahan.

However, she didn’t reject him for a romantic advance but rather a professional offer.

Michael joined the ladies on The View on Monday, bringing up the gameshow he hosts, The $100,000 Pyramid.

Contestants on The $100,000 Pyramid are paired with a celebrity partner.

One person in the pair tries to guess what words are correct while the other partner gives hints about the six different words.

Since celebrities are a big part of the game, it only makes sense for one of The View’s ladies to appear on the show, and Michael knew just who he wanted.

Michael Strahan wants Whoopi Goldberg on his gameshow

“Whoopi, you’d be great. That’s all I’m saying,” he told the co-host.

However, like many things, Whoopi wasn’t having any of it.

“Not gonna happen, babe,” she grinned back. “But I do like watching, I have to say, I do like watching. It’s a lot of fun, and you make it fun.”

Sorry, Michael, but it doesn’t look like Whoopi is joining you on your show any time soon — she’d much prefer to be a spectator.

There are many things that Whoopi doesn’t want any part in, such as using Amazon’s Alexa, but there’s another new technology that Whoopi isn’t interested in — holograms.

Whoopi Goldberg does not want to be a hologram after she dies

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Whoopi announced on The View that it’s in her will that she will not be turned into a hologram after she dies.

Not only that, but this isn’t a recent development. She says the request has been in her will for 15 years, and she hasn’t changed her mind.

She added that she finds the idea “freaky” and doesn’t like seeing celebrity holograms coming out nowadays, such as Tupac or Whitney Houston. Once she’s gone, she wants to stay gone and not be reanimated against her will.

Plus, she told co-host Joy Behar that the estates or celebrities are not asked if they want to be holograms.

When it comes to someone like Tupac, there was no way to ask the late rapper, considering holograms didn’t exist like that during his time, but now that they do exist, Whoopi is making her wishes known.

Whoopi is an interesting character, but she knows what she wants and doesn’t want, and that’s what we love about her.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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Eileen Johnson
Eileen Johnson
2 months ago

I like that she is not going to do anything she don’t want to

Patricia A.Jones
Patricia A.Jones
2 months ago

Honor her wishes.

Patricia Jackson
Patricia Jackson
2 months ago