Whoopi Goldberg explains why she and The View cohosts are still working during SAG-AFTRA strike

Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg makes a statement regarding the current strikes on The View. Pic credit: ©

Many movie and show productions came to a screeching halt when the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) went on strike alongside the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA), leaving fans wondering about the fate of their favorite television shows.

One such show left up in the air was The View, and fans were worried after a re-run of the talk show ran on Friday.

However, the ladies were back live yesterday, and Whoopi Goldberg took it upon herself to explain why they’re allowed to shoot despite the ongoing strike.

The View has been impacted by the ongoing strikes as they don’t have anyone to write their notes for them right now, but the show will go on.


Here’s why shows like The View will continue to air new episodes despite the current strikes.

Whoopi Goldberg confirms The View will continue during the SAG-AFTRA strike

“Hello and welcome to The View. Listen, we want to explain why we’re still working when there is a SAG-AFTRA strike,” Whoopi opened.

“Like the soaps, soap operas, game shows, and new shows, we work under a different kind of contract, which is called the Network Code, which means we are allowed to continue on,” she continued. “As we are not actors at the table, acting The View, it’s a different kind of contract.

“So, that’s why we’re still able to work.”

It turns out that most non-scripted things will be able to continue — for now. Since The View isn’t a scripted television show, they have a different contract with different guidelines.

However, they still support those who are on strike.

“People are just trying to get some balance. … So that’s why we’re working today. We just want it to work out for everybody. Nobody wants to see anyone on strike.”

Although The View co-hosts will continue to show up and they will continue to do live segments on ABC, they haven’t had writers on the show since May when the Writers Strike first began.

Will The View stop being live because of the SAG-AFTRA strike?

Based on Whoopi’s statement, it doesn’t look like the ladies on The View are going anywhere at this time.

It seems they are contractually obligated to continue to show up for the show since they’re under a different contract than the artists participating in the ongoing strikes.

Love them or hate them, The View isn’t going anywhere just yet — fans can still look forward to live episodes in the meantime.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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Kay Reduxx
Kay Reduxx
1 year ago

You need to support the strike by not showing up. Same old BS; collecting a pay check and refusing to support unions with real action. No respect for you ladies.