Whoopi Goldberg mocks Alyssa Farah Griffin’s wardrobe malfunction on The View

The View star Whoopi Goldberg at the AMPAS 9th Annual Governors Awards
Whoopi Goldberg didn’t quite understand what Alyssa Farrah Griffin’s shirt was on The View. Pic credit: © S_bukley

A recent outfit worn by Alyssa Farah Griffin on The View had Whoopi Goldberg perplexed over what was going on with her attire. That’s because it was actually a wardrobe malfunction.

It got the co-hosts talking, though, with Joy Behar the first one to bring it up, allowing Goldberg to chime in and continue to mention the unique fashion choice.

“I’m fascinated by that shirt you’re wearing,” Behar initially commented during Thursday’s episode of The View.

“I didn’t want to bring it up,” Goldberg said, adding, “I wasn’t gonna say anything,” as the crowd had a bit of a laugh over her reaction and comments.

Griffin wore a blue and white pinstriped oxford-like top, with one shoulder exposed and the other completely covered up by her outfit.

“Well, I’m not sure I’m wearing it right, but I like it, so I’m just going with it,” Griffin explained to her co-hosts.

Behar told Griffin she had no choice over how to wear it because “that’s how it’s cut.”

Goldberg brings up Griffin’s outfit again during The View

Later in the daytime program, Goldberg appeared on camera holding a pair of scissors and said she didn’t “want anyone to get nervous.”

She explained that the conversation about Griffin’s shirt had continued. Goldberg said she felt someone needed to cut the shirt so it looked right. First, they called an expert to weigh in on Griffin’s fashion fiasco.

They brought out Fran, the stylist responsible for everyone’s outfits and wardrobes on The View. She quickly revealed that the shirt didn’t need to be cut.

Fran showed that Griffin was wearing the shirt wrong, as both shoulders were meant to be positioned slightly to the side. She said she originally told Griffin it was meant to be worn “off the shoulder.”

“That wasn’t as shocking as her looking like she’d just come out from under a building,” Goldberg commented after the shirt was adjusted to reveal both Griffin’s shoulders.

Griffin hugged Fran, and the rest of The View’s co-hosts praised her for her hard work over the years. Most agreed that Fran constantly ensured they always looked good on the show by helping with their outfits.

However, Goldberg joked, “I do this to myself.”

Fans and critics react to Goldberg’s comments about Griffin’s shirt

After The View shared the fashion mishap and conversation via an Instagram video, fans and critics expressed their opinions about Goldberg’s criticism and Griffin’s style.

“Who is Whoopi to criticize anything anyone wears much less Alyssa who is gorgeous,” one fan commented, adding, “I hate the way the old women at the tables constantly attack her.”

Goldberg and Griffin have each worked as comedians in addition to other entertainment ventures before The View. Often, they’ll make jokes about each other and the other View hosts.

Monsters and Critics recently reported about Behar’s snarky comment to Griffin about her chances of going to heaven when she passes away. While some may have seen it as an attack, Griffin laughed at the jab.

fan reacted to whoopi goldberg calling out cohost on the view
Pic credit: @theviewabc/Instagram

Regarding the shirt decision, Griffin received support from one commenter who said she loved how The View co-host dresses and “especially her shoes.”

“Mean ladies. Her shirt is fine. Whoopi needs some style help,” another commenter said.

Another individual called Griffin “the true fashionista of the program” and remarked that she “Always looks amazing.”

fans react to whoopi and alyssa shirt discussion on the view
Pic credit: @theviewabc/Instagram

Griffin, White House Director of Strategic Communications and Assistant to the President in 2020, joined The View for its latest season along with Ana Navarro.

Goldberg and Behar have been on the show the longest. Goldberg started in 2007, and Behar returned in 2015 from a two-year break after working as one of the show’s original hosts from 1997 until 2013.

It’s also worth noting that co-host Sara Haines mentioned even she comes out with items on backward sometimes, but that’s why they have Fran to set them straight with their outfits!

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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