The Young and the Restless spoilers: Phyllis declares war on Tara

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease Phyllis and Tara prepare for battle.
Phyllis has had enough of Tara’s games and plans to take action against Kyle’s baby mama. Pic credit: CBS

The Young and the Restless spoilers for the CBS daytime drama reveal another war is brewing in Genoa City that pits one mama bear against another.

Oh yes, it’s the showdown viewers have been waiting weeks to see happen. Two women close to the Abbott clan will put the family on opposites sides of a battle. One ruthless woman takes down a woman who’s not as sweet as everyone thinks.

Phyllis goes to battle with Tara

July sweeps are in full swing, making it the perfect time for Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) to take down Tara (Elizabeth Leiner). Fans have been skeptical of Tara since she returned to Genoa City with little Harison (Kellen Enriquez) in tow.

Tara teamed up with Sally (Courtney Hope) to get Summer (Hunter King) to accept a job in Italy so that Tara could get closer to Kyle (Michael Mealor). Thanks to an eavesdropping Billy (Jason Thompson), Phyllis knows Sally and Tara are in cahoots.

This week, Phyllis declares war on Tara. The latest Y&R promo video features Tara and Phyllis having a tense exchange.

Tara reveals that, like Phyllis, she would do anything to protect her child, which sometimes means other people get hurt. Phyllis lets Tara know she agrees in a calm yet evil manner that only the fiery redhead can pull off.

Yes, Tara has made an enemy out of Phyllis, and viewers know that is not a good thing.

Phyllis vents to Amanda

The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal Phyllis puts a plan in motion to get revenge on Tara. Phyllis has a chat with Amanda (Mishael Morgan), sharing exactly how she plans to do just that.

After venting to Amanda that Tara will literally do anything to get her claws into Kyle, Phyllis vows to take down Tara, declaring, “it will be steady, and it will be calculated.” The words are classic Phyllis, who isn’t afraid to let her dark side out for the sake of her loved ones.

Tara has no idea what she has gotten herself into making an enemy out of Phyllis. Not even Jack (Peter Bergman) can protect Tara from what’s coming her way.

There’s a lot of speculation that Tara and Ashland (Richard Burgi) are actually working together in a master plan involving the Newman and Abbott families. Another fan theory is that Tara is Ben, aka Stitch’s (Sean Carrigan) sister, and they are scheming against the two families for some reason.

Whatever Tara’s endgame is, it is in jeopardy now that Phyllis has declared war on her.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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2 years ago

rediculous storylines. Really bizaare turning good characters into bad

Tana Noble
Tana Noble
2 years ago

I’ve been waiting for thisl…lets go Phyllis….do your best

Shepard, Mildred
Shepard, Mildred
2 years ago

I have watched Young and Restless and Bold and Beautiful for years– Back when BandB first aired and when Nick and all they family were youngstersr on the Yand R. Back when the girl that played Victoria is now playing on the BandB But now I have stopped watching BandB because i got tired of married couples could not be faithful. Now it looks like the same is happening on the Y and R. If Sharon gets involved with Adam again I guess that will be the end of me watching Yand R. She has a real Man– why would she go to Adam. This going on with Sharon and Adam is getting boring.

2 years ago

far-out ideas re Townsend and Tare and Stitc, If those things happen, I am totally fed up with your writers. The story with Victoria and Townsend seems lovely and kind and real. To contaminate it with more evil and sinister motives is another extremely ridiculous idea.
Give Adam some credibility — the actor is excellent in his role and transition from the other fine actor/