Who is Stitch on The Young and the Restless?

What happened to Stitch on The Young and the Restless?
Stitch and Abby’s love story was one for the books. Pic credit: CBS

Stitch (Sean Carrigan) is back on The Young and the Restless! The character popped up in Genoa City to visit his ex-wife Abby (Melissa Ordway).

It’s been a few years since Stitch was on Y&R, which means a refresher on the character and his journey on the hit CBS soap opera is in order.

Who is Stitch on The Young and the Restless?

Dr. Benjamin “Stitch” Rayburn was introduced as a friend of Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton). They were Army buddies, which is where Stitch earned his nickname because he was a medic. When Dylan suffered PSTD, Stitch took a job at Genoa City Memorial Hospital.

Stitch was quite the ladies’ man. Although Abby tried to fix him up with Ashley (Eileen Davidson), Stitch fell for Victoria (Amelia Heinle) after treating her son for an allergic reaction.

Their romance was short-lived. Victoria learned she was pregnant, and the baby turned out to be Billy’s (then Burgess Jenkins).

Upset over his break-up with Victoria, Stich had a drunken one-night stand with Ashley, but he soon found himself drawn to Abby. Yes, a mother/daughter/Stitch love triangle was born. Abby and Stitch got married as he tried to forget his feelings for Ashley.

Shortly after their wedding, Stitch’s ex-wife was killed, and his young son Max (Jared Breeze) came to live with them. Max was a distraught boy who blamed Abby for causing her mom’s car accident. When Abby got pregnant, Max set up a tripwire that made her fall, and she lost the baby.

Max ended up with a brain tumor that caused him to suffer from seizures. The tumor also affected his memory, so Stitch was forced to place Max in a long-term care facility.

Abby and Stitch worked to repair their relationship, but it was too little too late. They divorced, and not long after their split, Stitch moved to Iowa to be near his son.

Is Stitch back to Y&R for a long or short stint?

The details surrounding Stitch coming back to The Young and the Restless have remained under wraps.

Stitch’s interaction with Abby made it appear he was only in town for a short visit. However, it seems unlikely the CBS show would have the character return for only one or two episodes.

All bets are on Stitch being the shoulder Abby needs to lean on while Chance (Donny Boaz) is off on his secret mission. Mariah is (Camryn Grimes) suddenly looking very pregnant, which means baby Chancellor is due sooner than viewers thought. Perhaps Stitch will be there to help Mariah with the delivery during July sweeps.

Do you want Stitch to stick around Genoa City?

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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paula hoffman
paula hoffman
2 years ago


norma lantz
norma lantz
2 years ago

Yes I would. Looking forward to finding out if Stitch reason for return adds a twist to the storyline

Iris j Dobnack
Iris j Dobnack
2 years ago

who cares