Is Camila Banus leaving Days of our Lives as Gabi Hernandez?

Days of our Lives is Camila Banus leaving?
Fans are worried about Camila Banus’ future on Days now that Gabi’s life is falling apart. Pic credit: NBC

Days of our Lives spoilers show Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) is busted for blackmailing Lani (Sal Stowers) to leave Eli (Lamon Archey) by controlling Julie’s (Susan Seaforth Hayes) pacemaker.

It has been a story that viewers have been waiting to see wrapped up. Based on the teasers for the show, Gabi will get what is coming to her.

The new storyline development has fans wondering if Camila Banus is leaving the NBC daytime drama. In the past week, Chandler Massey (Will), Freddie Smith (Sonny), and Galen Gering (Rafe) taped their final scenes at Days. Therefore, fans have a right to be concerned over Gabi and Camila’s future with the soap opera.

The walls close in on Gabi

The walls close in on Gabi after Lani crashes Eli and Gabi’s wedding. Lani, with the help of JJ (Casey Moss), blows up Gabi’s blackmailing scheme. Thanks to Abigail (Kate Mansi) holding Gabi’s purse, with her phone in it, there is an easy way to confirm who is lying.

Gabi grabs her phone, revealing the truth and putting Julie’s life in her hands once again. She is not about to go down without a fight, or at least without doing some severe damage in the process. A click of a button proves Lani was right, but it also causes Julie to collapse.

Having the upper hand won’t last long for Gabi. Her scheming ways come back to bite her. Julie’s life will be spared, but Gabi will be arrested for tampering with the pacemaker. She is in so much trouble that even her cop brother, Rafen (Galen Gering) can’t help her out of this jam.

Is Camila Banus leaving Days of our Lives?

Along with the current Gabi storyline, a recent Instagram story by Camila Banus has fans concerned she is leaving Days. Last week the actress posted an emotional video to social media talking about fairness and fighting for yourself.

“I have had a long day and an interesting day, and I just want to share with anybody that wants to hear. No matter what struggles you have, if people are trying to put you down if people are trying to make things unfair for you, to have less than, and for others to have more, always, always fight for what you deserve. And always fight for what you believe in. Fight for yourself for what’s fair,” Camila said, getting more emotional with each sentiment in the video.

The actress did not specify in her video why she had a long day. She also did not reveal if it had anything to do with her job on the daytime soap opera.

Even though there is no confirmation her emotional message was about Days, fans are still worried Camila is going to be another causality of the soap opera budget cuts.

Only time will tell if Camila Banus is leaving Days of our Lives. Gabi Hernandez’s future looks bleak, but fans know never to count her out.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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