Days of our Lives spoilers: A death rocks the Horton family and Kayla fights to reach Steve

Days of our Lives spoilers tease a death and desperate measures.
Jennifer tells the family that a beloved member has died. Pic credit: NBC

Days of our Lives spoilers for upcoming episodes of the NBC show tease a death will rock the Horton family, and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) desperately tries to reach Steve (Stephen Nichols).

It is an emotional week on the daytime drama that will also feature a tribute to Bill Hayes. The actor is celebrating his 50th anniversary on Days. Fans will be blessed with some flashbacks to honor the talented man who is a pivotal part of the show.

A death in the Horton family

Jennifer (Melisssa Reeves) learns her father, Bill (Edward Mallory), has died. The news is devastating to the entire Horton family, who gather at Doug’s Place to plan a trip to Africa for Bill’s funeral.

Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) is overcome with grief. Doug (Bill Hayes) reflects on his life in Salem after the loss of the man who changed his life forever. It was Bill’s talking about Salem while they were in prison that led Doug to the town he calls home.

Jack (Matthew Ashford) consoles Jennifer, as well as their kids, JJ (Casey Moss) and Abigail (Kate Mansi). The grief will have a lasting impact on the Horton family, even tearing some members apart.

Chad (Billy Flynn) offers to work with a travel agent to make arrangements for the family to go to Africa. However, Abigail stuns her husband by telling him she doesn’t want him to go to the funeral.

Fans know JJ is leaving the soap opera this month. It looks like his departure will have something to do with Bill’s death and the trip to Africa.

Kayla fights for Steve

Upon learning that “Steve” is Stefano, Kayla becomes desperate to reach her husband. The Phoenix dramatically makes his revelation to prove to Kayla that Patch Johnson is gone forever.


She is not convinced all of Steve’s memories have been replaced with Stefano’s. Kayla knows the man she loved is still in there someone. Even though she is in love with Justin (Wally Kurth), Kayla refuses to believe Stefano has taken the place of Steve forever.

The love that Steve and Kayla shared was a once-in-a-lifetime romance. If anyone can reach Steve, it will be Kayla. However, Stefano is going to do everything in his power to ensure all memories stay buried.

There is no question that next week’s episodes of the NBC soap opera will be full of heartbreak and tears. Two compelling storylines are kicking off, and viewers won’t want to miss a second of the drama.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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