General Hospital shockers: Oscar learns he’s dying, Margaux announces the body at Charlie’s is her dad!

Oscar, Joss, and Cam at the clothing drive
Cam spilled the beans to Oscar about his cancer. Pic credit: ABC

On General Hospital, the truth about two long-held, dangerous secrets spilled out in a chilling, jaw-dropping Friday cliffhanger for the ages.

Not just one, but two potential life and death game changer storylines came to a head when ugly truths were exposed, shocking the people who least expected to hear the heart-stopping revelations.

Fans knew that young Oscar (Garren Stitt) had to find out sooner or later that he has cancer. His recent stint in the hospital was a warning sign that his lifelong condition is getting worse. But his mom is adamant that her son not know he is dying. The only trouble is that half of Port Charles already knows the sad truth, with Oscar being left out of the loop.

After a heartfelt talk with Franco (Roger Howarth) of all people, Drew (Billy Miller) decided he can’t allow his son to be kept in the dark. He raced over to the hospital and told Kim (Tamara Braun) that he would tell their son with or without her!

She was gobsmacked but not as much as Oscar was when, across town, an agitated Cam (William Lipton) informed his frenemy that he has cancer! Oscar was left staring at Cam, wondering no doubt what scam he’s trying to pull.

But this week, several worlds will be turned upside by the devastating news. Oscar will be overwhelmed with the reveal, likely blaming Kim and demanding to live with Drew.

In turn, Cam and his family will be a hot mess as it was Liz’s (Rebecca Herbst) loose lips and the computer screen which gave Cam his intel. Don’t be surprised if unstable Cam acts out in a dangerous way, causing bedlam for Liz.

While this horrendous drama was taking place, another huge bombshell dropped on another unsuspecting, but definitely guilty party — Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard).

Earlier in the day, Police Commissioner Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) got conclusive results on the body found in Charlie’s basement. Vincent Marino was his name and repping sleazy gangsters was his game. She summoned D.A. Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) post haste and the two reviewed the file folder containing the evidence. Eventually, the two women decided it was time to confront Sonny with this information.

Sonny dutifully trekked down to the PCPD, in part to avoid having his father, Mike (Max Gail), caught in the accusatory crossfire. But what happened next was a truly shocking deliciously soapy twist that caught Jordan, Sonny, and much of the stunned audience, by surprise.

Sonny was grilled about what he knew about the dead body. He lied through his teeth of course! He denied knowing him, having heard of him, or having anything to do with him.

But fans know what the law enforcement ladies don’t — Sonny himself killed, then buried the man when he was a youthful mobster. Later, Mike moved the body to the basement in order to protect his young, dumb son, and cover up the crime.

But just as their official business appeared to be finished, Margaux shocked everyone by announcing that the dead body, aka Vincent Marino, was her father!

Talk about whiplash! All Sonny and Jordan could do after that scorching bombshell was stare at Margaux while she vowed to bring down the man who murdered her dear old departed dad.

GH fans definitely do not want to miss the shocking events that take place this week as the fallout from these two blistering revelations sends shockwaves throughout Port Charles!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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