Cady McClain out as Jennifer, Melissa Reeves back at Days of our Lives?

Days our Lives spoilers: Cady McClain out as Jennifer Horton.
Cady and Jennifer are leaving Salem. Pic credit: NBC

Cady McClain is out as Jennifer Horton on Days of Lives, leaving fans to wonder if Melissa Reeves is returning to the role.

Just as viewers were getting used to Cady in the role, the news broke the actress has finished her stint at the NBC daytime drama. Daytime Confidential was the first to reveal Cady is done.

Why did Cady leave Days?

When Cady took over for Melissa as Jennifer last fall, it was reportedly only supposed to be a temporary solution. Days had a dramatic story to tell involving the character following the return from the coronavirus pandemic hiatus.

According to Daytime Confidential, Cady’s run will end on February 17, with both the actress and charter of Jennifer exiting the canvas. Jennifer is reportedly leaving town for Boston.

The timing of Jennifer choosing to ditch Salem comes as the character is in the middle of a pivotal storyline involving Laura (Jaime Lyn Bauer), Jack (Matthew Ashford), and Gwen (Emily O’Brien).

February sweeps indicate Laura’s secret results in tragedy for the family. Now it appears Gwen’s desire to seek revenge on Laura ends in the latter’s death. Jennifer’s exit likely has to do with her mother’s demise.

Twitter is exploding with fans praising Cady for her portrayal of Jennifer. The actress is going to be missed, especially since she breathed new life into the character.

Is Melissa Reeves back at Days of our Lives?

While it is confirmed Cady is wrapped at the NBC daytime drama, there’s no word on Melissa stepping back into the role of Jennifer.

Last fall, Melissa opted not to return to California to film the show because of the coronavirus pandemic. The actress lives in Nashville with her husband, Scott Reeves.

Melissa continues to remain silent on the subject of her heading back to Days. It was assumed when Cady stepped into the role that Melissa would be back at some point. However, she could have decided that a return isn’t in the cards.

Kristian Alfonso chose not to resume playing the role of Hope Brady amid the shutdown. Perhaps Melissa is following the same route but is waiting for the right time to announce.

The future of Jennifer Horton on Days of our Lives is up in the air. Cady McClain’s temporary run is over, and Melissa has yet to return.

If Melissa isn’t coming back, Days should try and snap up Cady for a more extended contract. She was awesome. Although with the All My Children reboot in the works, she might not be available.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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Margaret G Travis
Margaret G Travis
3 years ago

Personally I hope Melissa comes back. I didn’t care that much for Cady as Jennifer.
If it is a problem with Melissa voicing her personal feelings on a given subject we all do it and don’t
worry about losing our job and she shouldn’t have to either.
I am totally pissed off about all the screwed up politics messing with the airing of DOOL as I don’t get to watch the episodes if they run them at another time as Lansing, MI doesn’t necessarily re run them.
I can figure out what some of the twists and turns are going to be as them happen over and over again just with different characters never the less still want to see them
Thank you

3 years ago

You can find the episodes online if you miss the actual airing of the show at

3 years ago

Watch Days episodes on NBC.COM in the evening around 9:00, you never miss an episode. That’s what I do

3 years ago

If u don’t get to see them download the NBC app its on there after 8pm that same night.

Arminee Kazazian
Arminee Kazazian
3 years ago

I hope also Melissa comes back as Jennifer Cady could play another person but not as Jennifer.
Sorry Cady nothing against you