Melissa Reeves out at Days of our Lives: Why is Jennifer recast with Cady McClain?

Cady McClain is replacing Melissa Reeves as Jennifer Horton on Days of our Lives.
Jennifer will look different come November now that Melissa Reeves is out and Cady McClain is in. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/Carrie-Nelson and Admedia

Melissa Reeves is out at Days of our Lives and Cady McClain is taking over the role of Jennifer Horton.

Oh yes, there is a casting shocker coming out of the hit NBC soap opera! Melissa, who has played Jennifer on and off since 1985, is exiting the role, and soap vet Cady is stepping into it.

It is the latest in a long list of cast comings and goings at Days of our Lives. However, unlike Kristian Alfonso (Hope), who is done at the daytime drama for good, Melissa is only leaving temporarily.

Why is Jennifer temporarily recast with Cady?

Soap Opera Digest broke the news that Melissa opted not to return to filming last week when production resumed for Days of our Lives. The talented actress calls Nashville home, and at this time, chose to stay there due to the coronavirus pandemic.

There are a couple of excellent reasons Melissa decided not to return to work just yet. She and husband, General Hospital alum Scott Reeves, recently became grandparents. Their daughter Emily welcomed her first child, son Woods, in August. Plus, Scott and Melissa’s son, Larry is expecting his first child later this month.

The news comes hot on the heels of Melissa being under fire for her anti-Black Lives Matter stance. Outraged fans called for her to be fired. Her costars threw shade at Melissa and supported the Black Lives Matter movement.

When is Melissa returning to Days of our Lives?

It will certainly be an adjustment for fans to see a new actress playing Jennifer. Thankfully the NBC soap opera cast Cady McClain, who is not only a soap opera vet but one talented woman.

Like Melissa, Cady has spent most of her acting career working in daytime television. She is best known for playing Dixie on All My Children and Rosanna on As The World Turns. Cady met her husband, General Hospital star, Jon Lindstrom while working on ATWT.

Cady has already begun taping scenes at the NBC show, which resumed production at the beginning of September. Since the daytime drama had enough episodes in the can to keep new ones on-air through Halloween, the Jennifer switch won’t take place onscreen until November.

A specific time frame regarding how long Cady McClain will be taking over the role of Jennifer for Melissa Reeves has not been revealed. It all depends on when Melissa feels it is safe for her to leave Nashville and return to Los Angeles for filming.

There is a slight chance Cady may take over the role permanently – considering the current health climate and the cast changes at Days, anything is possible.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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Willetta Sanchez
Willetta Sanchez
3 years ago

I don’t think you soap people and a lot of people really know about the Black Lives Matter org. it is not for “Black Lives ” brush up on it and you won’t rush to Judge !!!

3 years ago

I hope that they keep Cady Mclain if she has chemistry with Matthew Ashford/Jack Deveraux and everyone else. I don’t want Jack to be backburner again or sidelines or propping other characters or fillers once a week or month until Cady Mclain comes to the show. I really think that best Melissa Reeves/Jennifer remain in Nashville Tennessee her character has not much storyline potential and she looks like dried old prune now. She will never be like Alice Horton either. She caused enough problems with show too. If she wants she wants come back before the show ends. I want see Jack/Matthew Ashford with recast Jennifer now see things go. Melissa Reeves/Jennifer is not exactly stable actress herself either she may want to come back have her happy ending with Jack/Matthew Ashford leave the show without getting storyline with Steve and Kayla and others characters. I don’t care about Jennifer/Melissa Reeves her sacramactious judgemental hypocrite attitude and bossy self-righteous she dresses up like old prune. She is nosy buddy and she is old enough to be Jack’s mother or sister the way she dresses. I don’t want Jack to be sexless marriage either or sitting sidelines or propping other characters or making donuts with Miss Perfect Jennifer/Melissa Reeves. He looks hot and sexy mature for his age he should not have suffer again either with snoozefest Jennifer/Melissa Reeves or beck in call or sidekick or lapdog either. He deserves some loving sexy suave shady Jack back with new Jennifer Deveraux Ron Calavati will write good storyline for them and more romance onscreen too and Johnson storyline too. Looking forward to seeing new Jennifer Deveraux with Matthew Ashford/Jack Deveraux. Got boring with Jennifer/Melissa Reeves she underrated actress too. Her time has passed now. Let her come before the show ends shshould spend time with grandchildren. Let see Jack/Matthew Ashford with recast Jennifer hopefully works out.