Days of our Lives’ Melissa Reeves’ anti-Black Lives Matter stance outrages costars and fans

Days fo our Lives star Melissa Reeves under fire fo anti-Black Lives Matter stance.
Fans and costars of Melissa Reeves are canceling the actress for anti-Black Lives Matter stance. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/Admedia

Days of our Lives star Melissa Reeves’ anti-Black Lives Matter stance has her costars and fans outraged.

The soap opera vet is under fire for coming out against the Black Lives Matter movement. Melissa is being dragged by longtime fans and those who have worked with her closely over the years.

What fans and costars are saying?

Social media sleuths discovered this week Melissa liked several anti-Black Lives Matter posts by super conservative right-wing activist Candace Owens on Instagram.

Once it was discovered the actress was coming out against the Black Lives Matter movement, Twitter became flooded with fans canceling Melissa. As the Instagram post with her likes made the rounds, one user tagged head writer Ron Carlivati and executive producer Greg Meng to make sure they saw what Melissa had done.

When one fan shared Melissa was “lovely and no judgmental” at a fan event, Linsey Godfrey (Sarah Horton) was quick to respond, and not in favor of her costar.

Linsey shared even the nicest people can have the worst moral compasses. The actress declared she condemns all hateful and harmful beliefs.

Linsey and fan talk Melissa Reeves.
Pic credit: @LinseyGodfrey/Twitter

Martha Madison (Belle Black) responded to explain it is hard to watch people “ignore or perpetuate the racism.” She then shared her confusion over a group of people using religion to only love certain types of people.

Paul Telfer (Xander Kiriakis) expressed his frustration too. The actor then shared a little inspiration with his hope that people will soon see the light.

Days costars talks Melissa Reeves BLM stance.
Pic credit: @MarthaMadison/Twitter

Now not all fans were coming after Melissa. Some did think she has a right to express her opinion, especially since she only liked an Instagram post.

The majority of social media is over the Days of our Lives star, and they are letting their voices be heard loudly.

What does the backlash mean for Melissa and Days?

The outrage over Melissa’s anti-Black Lives Matter stance raises one question — What does it mean for her future on Days?


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READ AND SWIPE: So as you may know by now, Missy Reeves liked some very nasty/bigot/racist/homophobic posts. Disturbing but this not the first time she has done it. Before you bring out the “you are a fanpage/shut up comment, hear me out. I don’t care about you being sensitive about this subject. That’s really your issue. I don’t care about losing followers either. Yes, it’s great reaching so many fans but that’s not important to me now. And you may say, it’s her opinion, it’s her right. But being a racist bigot is not something we should tolerate/ignore/accept. I know Missy is DAYS vet and a lot of us have loved her every since she came to Salem in 1985. But I just can’t support this kind of behavior. It’s not acceptable. If you think it is, you should remove yourself from my page immediately. I know we should all teach and educate each other but it’s really hard to change the minds of some of these people. On a more personal note. You may think racism is mainly an US issue, it’s not. I live in the Netherlands and people are slowly, very slowly waking up here too. We have a huge racism problem (read: white people dress up in blackface to celebrate an old Dutch tradition). Yeah I know!! I have been openly against it but every time I speak out against it, I’m told to go back to my own country if I don’t respect Dutch traditions (FYI, I’m an immigrant) When a Dutch person speaks out against it, he or she is called a traitor. I try to do my part but it’s not easy. I will continue to fight for equality for everyone. And speak up. No matter what. I stopped following Missy. Nothing will change with her. I wonder if she knows how many people she is hurting. Friends/cast members/fans. Does she even care? She obviously hasn’t learned a thing from past mistakes. I will not have discussions in the comments anymore, it’s not worth my time. ❤️⏳ XO – Monika • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #daysofourlivesclassics #daysofourlives #days #DOOL #salem #throwback #80s #nbc #horton #brady #kiriakis #dimera #soap #soapopera #television #nbcdays #90s #flashbackfriday #soaps #daytime #throwbackthursday #tvdrama #tvshow #melissareeves #nostalgia #jenniferhorton @missyreeves

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Melissa has been on Days of our Lives for decades. She was a fan-favorite star but has been plagued with controversy due to her religious belief and support for anti-gay businesses, like Chick-fil-A.

There is a chance Melissa could lose her job on the NBC soap opera. Bravo has been firing stars for racist behavior right and left. NBC and Bravo are under the same parent company, so their stance on racism should be the same.

Neither Melissa Reeves nor a rep for Days of our Lives has spoken out on the controversy. The show is currently on hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic but is continuing to air new episodes daily.

Fans and several of Melissa’s costars are not going to be too happy if she sticks around Salem.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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No name
No name
3 years ago

Why is it that only conservatives are not allowed to express their opinions but everyone else is?

3 years ago

Omg! Diana, I couldn’t agree with you more! I am so sick and tired with this movement BLM!
ALM….ALL LIVES MATTER! IT IS TIME FOR EVERYONE TO STAND UP FOR WHATS RIGHT AND STOP BEING A COWARD! If something isn’t politically correct , your labeled a Racist! FREEDOM OF SPEECH! THAT IS OUR RIGHT! ENOUGH OF THIS POLITICAL BS! Every day it’s something new that crops up, it’s sickening and getting OLD!

3 years ago

Well, this is another reason to drop this show. With them firing 3 popular characters that will be gone in September, I won’t watch a show that has actors that support hate!!!

3 years ago

MaryAnna-Wow!!! Well said. Excellent post. I couldn’t agree more. You go girl!!!

If Melissa is fired, she should get herself a lawyer and sue for wrongful termination for going against her 1st Amendment rights. Also, Melissa doesn’t support hate as Phil stated in his post. The hate mongering and fake news that is being shoved down our throats daily is only exhibited by the left. Wake up Phil and practice what you preach. Your post suggests how ignorant you are. Start doing some Fact Checking!!

3 years ago

It’s a shame when we are only aloud to voice our opinion as long as it is the same as the shepherd leading the flock to slaughter. how many others are just being yes people to avoid the same backlash.