Savannah Welch will be Barbara Gordon in Titans season 3 on HBO Max

Barbara Gordon in Titans the Team.
The Season 1 Titans team. Pic credit: DC Universe

Titans is one of the DC Comics’ live-action properties that is often overlooked. In tone, the formerly DC Universe original may look like the love-child of Zack Snyder and David Fincher.

It’s dark, gritty, violent and a completely mature look at the DC Universe. The show doesn’t hesitate to showcase adult-themed stories and sequences either. And now, a Variety report confirms that Barbara Gordon in Titans season 3 will be Savannah Welch.

Welch is memorable for her roles in Boyhood and Six. Her role as Barbara Gordon in Titans is going to be reminiscent of the more mature version of the character from DC Comics. 

How Will Barbara Gordon In Titans Affect Season 3?

Barbara Gordon in the comics is famously the original Batgirl. A violent run-in with Joker leaves her wheelchair-bound. She continues to fight crime, however, as a confidant and superhero support, Oracle. 

Gordon herself will appear in Titans as the commissioner of Gotham taking over the role of her father Jim Gordon from the comics. The Variety report confirms that Gordon will be in a wheelchair in the series. 

Barbara Gordon in Titans DC Comics.
Barbara Gordon in DC Comics. Pic credit: DC Comics.

There’s also confirmation that Gordon’s story will kick-start with the return of Dick Grayson (Brandon Thwaites) in Gotham. This return might see Gordon become Oracle with Dick back in her life, although it’s not certain how things will play out. 

Welch in the Role is a huge step towards better representation on TV

Barbara Gordon in Titans S2 team
The Season 2 Titans team. | Pic credit: DC Universe

Actress Savannah Welch is herself an amputee and a huge advocate for the disability community. Welch playing a wheelchair-bound Gordon will bring a level of representation rarely seen on television. 

Titans was the first scripted TV show from the DC Comics content specific service, the DC Universe app. With the launch of HBO Max, that service has now become defunct.

Season 3 of Titans will be an HBO Max original series available exclusively on that service. The same is true of the other dark DC Comics original series, Doom Patrol. Going forward, both shows will be on HBO Max for future seasons.

Barbara Gordon’s depiction in Titans should fit well with the rest of the series given its mature theme. The story already is about an existing world of DC superheroes like an older Robin and a veteran Batman and, not to mention, all the complexities that come with it. 

Titans seasons 1 and 2 are currently available on HBO Max. No release date for season 3 has been announced as of yet. 

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